Alyssa Milano a Charmed Humanitarian (Video)

A Celebrity Sex Tape With a Message

Alyssa Milano Charmed Humanitarian

Funny or Die has put out some very funny videos. They have also done videos with a message. Alyssa Milano has been on the channel before. But not very often. If you go to Funny or Die’s website, you’ll see her name listed on six videos. Out those six, one is a teen music video and the other is some daft thing with a cardboard cutout of Alyssa. But the rest have a message. The star is a “Charmed” humanitarian who is active not just on her Twitter account but in the community as well.

It is actually amazing at how active Milano is on her Twitter account. Whether she is tweeting about the natural disaster that hit Haiti or reminding folks of her latest cause, or simply wishing her fellow Charmed star Rose McGowan a happy birthday, she is a constant presence on the site.

Almost as constant as her appearances on television. She grew up on TV’s Who’s the Boss and then went on to become a young lady in Melrose Place and Charmed. She went from young girl to woman before our very eyes and it was shocking when she left her childhood behind her a started doing grown-up roles.

But Alyssa is not just an actress. She writes and has a place in the world of fashion. She designed her own brand of sportswear for ladies called Touch and she microblogs aka tweets alot.

But Milano doesn’t just microblog on Twitter, she has her own blog where she writes about her love of baseball and her favorite team, the Los Angeles Dodgers. But the Mistresses star is not just a charmed humanitarian. She is also an activist and politically savvy individual.

Her Funny or Die video about her “leaked” sex tape has gotten flack from some quarters as an oblique attempt at supporting the government’s intent to take military action against Syria. But the 40 year-old actress is not about supporting a war, she is about making people aware of the Syrian Civil War. Her political leanings are about knowledge or awareness, not war.

Alyssa Milano was made the Founding Ambassador of the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases in 2007. She, in turn, donated $250,000 to the organization. The Global Network is an association that supports and musters resources to help control neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). Alyssa raised the public’s awareness of the NTDS by using her celebrity and the media.

She is another celebrity who acts as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for the United States. She traveled the world for UNICEF and raised funds for the charity. And as far back as 1980, she worked to show how you could not “catch” AIDS by kissing an ostracized schoolboy who had been diagnosed with the disease. She did this on the Phil Donahue television show.

She is an ardent supporter of PETA and she works actively to raise funds for the organization.

In each of her Funny or Die videos, she has presented a message or an ideal. In one, she urges people to take 10 minutes to vote. In another she has a part in a comedy short film titled Uncler which is a tongue-in-cheek political message about America.

Now she has done her “sex tape” for the channel. Despite cries of foul by viewers of the video who feel she is supporting a war or military action in Syria, she is just doing what comes naturally. She is attempting to make the public aware of the situation over there. Her charmed humanitarianism combined with her political awareness, makes Alyssa Milano one of those celebrities who show that they are so much more than the roles they play. Good work Alyssa. You can watch the Funny or Die video below.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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