Alyssa Milano’s Dirty Sex Tape Released [Video]

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You gotta love a girl for trying! Alyssa Milano is only aging beautifully, and still remains a stunning, sex symbol. The public has been graced by the unladylike presence of Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Pamela Anderson and more- it only seemed fair that good girl Milano, turned to a dirty sex tape release. We know you are anticipating getting to the view, so lay your eyes on the below video:

You know that silly, wink emoticon? Feeling it yet? The Hall Pass actress knows how to make an impact in the media. The video is of course intended for parody, if you didn’t notice the Funny or Die emblem. Perhaps, further yet is a lesson embedded into the video demonstration from Milano. The public eyes typically rage to celebrity scandal over more important news, hence Syria mentioned in Milano’s video.

Joining the facade of Milano’s  “dirty” sex tape, are true sex tapes that disclosed a distraction over something more important going on in the world:

  • Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s rambunctious sexual healing was leaked online in 1995. Perhaps, this moment of indecency brought with it the distraction needed from the Oklahoma City bombing.
  • In 2006 Dustin Diamond reportedly leaked a sex tape on his own to draw fame to his dead career. That same year, construction began on the Freedom Tower for the new World Trade Center in NYC.
  • In 2010 former Presidential candidate John Edwards was caught in a compromising position with his mistress, on tape. A former aide released it to the press. During the winter of 2010, unemployment suffered dangerously high numbers for citizens across the country, the Gulf Oil disaster occurred, and mid-term elections. We can mark this to a very bad year.
  • In 2012 WWE wrestler Hulk Hogan and former wife Linda’s sex tape was leaked on the Internet, by his best friend. The controversial shooting of Trayvon Martin from George Zimmerman  happened earlier that year.

Alas, perhaps Milano is pointing us in a different reason for review of her parody-inspired tape. Sure, it induces a laugh, but interestingly enough where the camera landed was a purposeful review of thought. Not on an average television show, but a serious problem splitting Washington and the country. It seems the beauty was inspiring a call of action for us to start focusing our eyes on the real issue, and less on the potential of celebrity scandal.

The Mistresses actress is currently married to long-time friend David Bugliari. The sweet brunette has enjoyed her acting career and the fame it brought her. Milano is also working on a greater level of awareness. She is also the ambassador for UNICEF. In 2003, the dainty darling was appointment in the lead role to raise awareness of helping children around the globe.

Milano has worked closely with families in Angola, Kosovo and India and continues to travel the globe to raise funds. In 2011 for her baby shower, she took to video to announce all guests to donate to UNICEF, in lieu of receiving items for her unborn baby. Her generosity corresponded with millions who joined the party and donated. Yes, so maybe the tape isn’t some dirty sex tape, but it’s a light-hearted attempt to display a more influential review. The public should enjoy the laugh, but also focus on other, serious matters affecting the lives of millions at home and around the globe.

Milano gathers around the children she presents for UNICEF
Milano gathers around the children she represents for UNICEF

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