Brooklyn Teen Has Top of Head Cut Off by Model Helicopter (Video)


In Brooklyn, teen Roman Pirozek Jr. was trying to perform a trick with his remote control helicopter when something went horribly haywire, and the helicopter’s rotor blades cut off the top of his head and a part of his shoulder. Thursday afternoon, Pirozek died of his injuries, according to police.

The tragic accident occurred at Calvert Vaux Park, located in Gravesend. According to witnesses, Pirozek, 19, was attempting a trick with his model helicopter when it flew back at him like a boomerang and the top of his head was sliced off, along with a part of his shoulder, according to police officials.

The accident traumatized those who witnessed it, and one remarked: “I’ll never forget it. It was scary.”

Roman Pirozek Jr.’s father was too emotionally affected by the death of his son and didn’t relate any further details to reporters. Thursday night, he went back to his home in Queens.

According to the deceased youth’s neighbors, Roman was an accomplished model helicopter flyer who was recognized around the world for his choreographed helicopter routines. He had been employed at Kennedy Airport.

A few days ago, the teenager has posted on his Facebook page that it was “a great day for flying.”

Roman Pirozek Jr.’s father is the vice president of the Brooklyn club they both belonged to, one for enthusiasts of model helicopters, called the Seaview Rotary Wings. The two often traveled to competitions together, and on weekends, flew their model helicopters at local parks.

According to a friend of the family’s, Dino Spadaccini:

It’s just an unreal event, that someone that young, that full of life, enjoying something, is gone. It’s an unbelievable tragedy.”

The teenager had a YouTube page with videos posted of him demonstrating tricks with his model helicopter.

Spadaccini said that just about every spare moment he had, the youth would “be at the field with his friends.”

Pirozek’s Facebook page says he attended high school at in Queens at the High School for Construction, Engineering and Architecture, graduating in 2012.

Councilman Domenic Recchia is calling for a temporary ban on the flying of model helicopters until the 19-year-old’s death is investigated.

He has suggested that a “moratorium” be put in place, and, if necessary, if necessary, not lifted until “safeguards are put in place to mitigate the likelihood of similar accidents in the future.”

Recchia added that:

I do not wish to restrict the activities of the Seaview Rotary Wings club. I’m not saying I want to do away with it.

“I’m saying, lets put a moratorium for now, let’s do a thorough investigation to see what exactly transpired, and let’s see what… rules and regulations we should put in place.”

Model helicopters are a fun way to spend time outdoors, make new friends, and bond with family members.

But, though they might seem like toys, occasionally, if things go wrong, they can prove to be very dangerous, as Brooklyn teen Roman Pirozek Jr. found out when his model helicopter killed him by cutting of the top of his head.

A video follows — check it out.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

News video of the incident

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