Amy Winehouse Life, Success and Death

Today marks Winehouse's 30th birthday

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People around the world who turn 30 today give sighs and look for the gray hair and first wrinkle of age. A milestone in a life is faded now for one. Marking the world with her sultry chords and beehive hairdo, Amy Winehouse is celebrated today. The songstress took America by storm. Born in London, England Winehouse had dreams of success early on. No one could had ever predict such rapid success falling to a tragic death during the summer of 2011.

Blake and Amy were a toxic mix
Blake and Amy were a toxic mix

Early Years

At the tender age of 16, Winehouse was picked up by the jazz music label, Island/Universal. Her husky, soulful tunes worked its way into a developing fanbase. The small yet mighty singer stunned audiences with her charismatic approach and connected on an earthy level with millions across the globe.

In 2003, Winehouse blew the doors open to her success as her album called Frank, became a massive success. She earned several nominations and went on to win the infamous Ivor Novello award. Soon, her debut album would reach double platinum status. During the course of her career explosion, another rumor began to escape. The young singer was known for her wild partying and it only became worse when she hooked up with Blake Fielder-Civil, a hardcore drug addict and party animal.


Winehouse started appearing during concerts, drunk
Winehouse started appearing during concerts, drunk

In 2006 Back to Black was officially released and the single Rehab earned Winehouse critical acclaim status in the United States. Her former record label had pushed the trouble starlet to visit a facility to get clean. Winehouse left the label and sat back, watching the success of Back to Black climb its way into America’s heart. The record remained in the Top 10 for several months.

A year later Winehouse lapped up the attention and soaked in five Grammy awards for her stellar album. During this time, the star started exhibiting late appearances and when she did show up, directors scowled at her drunken behaviors. It was also in 2007 when she and Fielder-Civil announced their nuptials, marrying in sunny Florida.

Coma and the Downward Spiral

Later in 2007, Winehouse’s American tour came to a standing halt when the songstress was admitted to a hospital. The brilliant career of such a young star was fading as drug use marred her path of success. Winehouse slipped into a coma and stated a toxic mix of heroin, ecstasy and booze put her there.

The year continued to be a tumultuous one for Winehouse, even as her record continued to climb in sales. Her husband was arrested in November of 2007 and Winehouse began to cancel all tours, stating her doctors had advised she delay all tour dates and appearances.

In 2008, Winehouse and her family tried to recover by placing the starlet in a rehab clinic. A year later amid issues with the law, Winehouse’s marriage dissolved and she went back to focusing on her career. A move cheered by family, friends and fans.


Winehouse was looking to make a comeback
Winehouse was looking to make a comeback

Prior to her tragic death, many saw the dark-haired beauty as making a strong comeback. She went back into the studio, and she appeared more somber and sober during interviews. She spoke fondly of her father and moving ahead in her life. No one knows exactly what happened the day of July 26, 2011. The autopsy report was released three months after the sudden death of Amy Winehouse.

Fans across the globe cried their grief, stunned at the news. The star had shown renewed commitment to live a clean lifestyle. One that ended on a fateful day during the summer of 2011. Winehouse was found unresponsive and her cause of death was labeled as “death by misadventure.” Winehouse was found amid empty vodka bottles, the coroner calling it a toxic overdose of drinking. To this day, fans and family alike speculate on a more darker reason behind the sudden death of Winehouse.

Other famous celebrities took to social media to share their respect, memories and kind words of the young star taken much too early in life:

  • Lady Gaga – “she was my musical soulmate & like a sister to me. this is one of the saddest days of my life.”
  • Adele – “Amy paved the way for artists like me..” heartfelt and descriptive, the Brit singer discussed how Winehouse touched her heart on a personal level of connection.
  • Kelly Clarkson – “She was a beautiful and talented girl. I’m angry. What a waste of a gifted person.”

The world grieved at the death of Winehouse. She was a celebrated artist, one who fell on hard times, but continued to touch the world. Her legacy left behind is one that continues to mark the world. Soulful, beautiful and taken by the same addiction she fought hard against. Happy Birthday, Amy Winehouse. Your memory will forever be celebrated.

Happy Birthday, Amy
Happy Birthday, Amy

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  1. victor bernice   January 7, 2014 at 3:23 pm

    As a musician,composer and player of standards in many fields of music- from progressive rock to jazz, it truly breaks my heart that such a voluptuious talent is no longer with us. I’m hoping she will be remembered fondly…and with love.

  2. Mack   September 15, 2013 at 9:43 am

    RIP so beautiful, left this earth too soon…

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