Apple Updates iMac with Faster Processor, Graphics

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Want speed? Apple brings it. The iMac line of desktops have been updated today with fourth generation processors. The Intel quad-core processors for the 21.5-inch iMac sports a speedy 2.7GHz i5 processor with the very nice Iris Pro graphics. A customer can also opt for the 21.5-inc iMac with the 3.4GHz i5 processor with the Nvidia GeForce 700 series graphics. See below for a screenshot of the 27-inch increases as well. Not only did the specs increase, but so did the price.

New iMac's sport faster processors.
New iMac’s sport faster processors.

The market for desktop personal computers have hit a rut lately. Just ask companies like Dell who recently went private to start reorganizing. This industry-wide problem only makes Apple seek to conquer it. The innovator of desktop computing rolled out the newest updates to appeal to the artists across the world. Gamers, editors, designers and millions more who have a need for speed will enjoy the latest reveal of the iMac.

In addition to the increased speeds of the iMac updates, Apple was looking to triple the speed of its WiFi generation. They did so, introducing the updated 802.11ac WiFi. While the shift in the computing industry has swung towards the way of mobile devices, desktop machines are still mandatory for some industries. Desktops are a family’s source of connection to the WWW, and can house massive video and photo editing applications that many professionals need.

Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, Philip Schiller was thrilled with the updates. He stated the newest updates bring faster graphics and faster PCIe flash storage. The need for speed has abound and it seems Apple has delivered.  The flash storage provides the access of speed and the bonus of a regular hard drive. The top benefit of the flash is its accessibility to boot items faster, preventing congestion; inclusive are optimization benefits as part of the flash storage. Having the additional bump in speed truly makes it a given buy for professionals who need items now. Keep in mind 512GB of Flash Storage can also run a customer an additional $500 atop of their order.

Finalizing an order with upgrades, such as the 16GB memory, flash storage and the iWork suite can cost a consumer over $2,000 for a well-rounded computer. While the cost is eye-boggling (especially to Windows buyers) the specs, delivery and graphics of the iMac are worth it.

Apple iMac Updated with Faster Processor

Apple continues to innovate, ever since their initial iMac “Lifesavers” desktop computer, the Cupertino based company makes a mark for its loyal customers. Sure, customers can purchase a Windows desktop for less, but the quality, use factor and longevity are factors Apple has considered for their machines. The latest updates signify the company’s ability to read consumer wants and needs for development and updates.

Apple just updated the desktops late last year for roll-out earlier this year. Now all new iMacs will be shipped with the latest updates and the Mac OS X Mountain Lion. Apple is experiencing a pretty stellar final quarter of the year. Racking in massive sales with their iPhone 5S launch this previous, Apple is now rolling out the updated iMacs. The updated desktops will certainly make an impact on sales for the Holiday season. Will you be making a beeline to purchase a new desktop this Holiday season?

The battle of Mac versus Windows carries on *warning, explicit language* in a funny battle!

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