Breaking Bad? Go to Better Call Saul Dot Com (Video)

Breaking Bad? Go to Better Call Saul Dot Com

Breaking Bad? Go to Better Call Saul Dot Com

While Breaking Bad fans are anxiously waiting for their favorite series to end in just two episodes – oh the agony – fans of Saul Goodman are gearing up and /or cashing in. T-shirts with Better Call Saul emblazoned across the front; a fan-made YouTube trailer for the new prequel; and a mock website you can go to. The URL of the site is:, of course.

The AMC  mock website is just like Saul’s television commercials on Breaking Bad, when you get on the site, Saul pops up in the banner at the top. Goodman gives a little spiel on what he can do for you. He also says that for this week only you can get a two-for-one deal on misdemeanor shoplifting. And how can Saul offer this? “Because I care,” is his answer. Check out Saul’s advice on getting caught with an illegal tiger in the video below.

The site also features other “commercials.” From the Sue ‘Em Now to Wayfarer 515 you can see Saul at his smarmy best. It includes testimonials, from Badger, Wendy S. and Carl B. It has e-cards, and three “as seen on TV” commercials and an office webcam where you can watch Saul doing his day-to-day things. Things like playing a solitaire app, cutting his toenails and drinking coffee. And something else with a young lady…

AMC put a lot of thought into the faux Better Call Saul website. There are even ads for Los Pollos Hermanos and McGill & McGill 6000 Menswear, so you too can dress like Saul.

But AMC aren’t the only folks advertising and supporting their new Breaking Bad spin off. Teespring has designed some Better Call Saul t-shirts for the low price of $17.99 and available in two different colors. The tee’s are a limited edition, only 100 will be made, so you should rush to get yours, at least according to you should.

The fan-made Better Call Saul trailer on YouTube is a funny montage of Saul Goodman moments backed by a synthesised 80s soundtrack. And the video has credits that include Bob Odenkirk, of course, Dean Norris (as Hank), Jonathan Banks (as Mike) and some other familiar faces. Not all of whom  have died in Breaking Bad.

We have included links to the AMC mock website and teespring, as well as the Saul Goodman fan trailer from YouTube below. The video is on the dondrapersayswhat channel and it was posted on September 11. The amusing little clip runs for one minute and 17 seconds. It is just the break you need while sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for the last two episodes of Breaking Bad to bring the Walter White saga to an end.

Now that the world knows that AMC has given the Breaking Bad prequel the greenlight, you can whet your appetite for the upcoming series by heading over to YouTube and watching the trailer. Order a t-shirt or click on the Better Call Saul website. As Saul Goodman himself says, “Breaking Bad? Better call Saul!”

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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