Sprint Free iPhone 5C with $100 Promotion

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Feeling frustrated with a wireless carrier? Need an upgrade and not ready for one? Wipe the tears of anger away, Sprint is offering a sweet free, stray! Transfer a number to Sprint and receive $100 off any new phone, including the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. This means a customer can receive a 16GB iPhone 5C for $0.00 after the trade-in. A customer can save a bundle on the iPhone5S 16GB and pay a lovely $99.99 for the newest A7, 64-bit chip 5S.

The program is called Bring Your Number Savings plan. This special applies to only new customers who is transferring from another carrier. That means current customers and brand new cell phone customers would not be eligible. The offer begins when else? September 20, just as the official launch of the iPhone 5S/5C hits the national market. It is also the same date, Sprint’s new One Up for annual upgrades begin.

With the free promotion, Sprint’s sales should be pretty explosive on Friday. Wal-Mart may also see an influx of sales, as the big box retailer is reducing the iPhone 5C by $20 off the 2-year contract price and $10 off the iPhone 5S 2-year price. So, far Sprint is leading the race for the best deals. Thus far, not even Apple has extended additional discounts outside of the 2-year contract price.

In less than a few days, the hottest, most talked about item in the last several months finally hits the shelves. Equipped with a colorful choice of plastic casings, the iPhone 5C is basically the iPhone 5 kissed in plastic. The iPhone 5S enhances the choices with a TouchID and the amazing A7 64-bit chip. Here is a screenshot regarding the special offer with Sprint.

technology, sprint, iPhone, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5s, September 20
Terms and conditions of the special

Get ready to jump on this special as it is scheduled to end Monday September 23. Looking for additional iPhone specials and currently own a smartphone, there are a few choices to consider:

  • Best Buy is offering the now discontinued iPhone 5 for $99.99, bring in a smartphone and receive the iPhone 5 for free or at least some money off. There are conditions- only current AT&T, Sprint and Verizon subscribers can process this upgrade eligible move.
  • AT&T and other current subscribers may be willing to review a current smartphone for a gift card trade-in (this could be useful for some snazzy accessories).
  • Be sure to take a site visit over to Radio Shack and check out their Trade & Save program. The electronics outlet is willing to offer $250 for a working iPhone when a customer purchases a new phone with a 2-year contract. Consider visiting the stores for the terms and conditions of the specials.

Sprint is looking to expand its coverage, bump their speeds and their competition from the mix of the iPhone 5 craze. The iPhone 5C is already available for pre-orders, so be sure to visit the site for more details. Keep in mind, new customers would have to transfer from another carrier to qualify for Sprint’s $100 off any smartphone (including yes that iPhone 5C!)

Take advantage of the specials retailers and carriers will be extending this weekend. The iPhone 5C has been selling relatively well, but has not seen an overwhelming response. That may be reserved for the iPhone 5S and with Sprint’s special, enjoy a free phone or the enhanced iPhone 5S for $99.99. Happy Shopping!


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