Britney Spears Wipes the Desert Floor with Miley in New Video

Britney Spears Wipes the Desert Floor with Miley in New Video

Britney Spears has taken to posting images on her Twitter and Instagram accounts  showing off her buffed up body, after she stripped down to a teeny weeny turquoise bikini.   But the princess of pop is not trying to compete with fellow Disney alumna and rookie princess of twerk, Miley Cyrus.

In fact, the images of Britney are teaser shots from her new music video, “Work Bitch.”  Britney shows that she can wipe the desert floor with Miley if she wanted to, and probably does so with considerably more style.

Ahead of the big announcement on the upcoming release of her new single, which was due to be announced on September 17th, Britney has already given many of her fans a clue that her video is currently being shot out in the desert and is probably set to be pretty steamy.

Britney’s first tweet more or less gave the name and the game away with the “hashtag Video Shoot” and “hashtag WB” clues, suggesting that she would certainly be in for a sizzling weekend. She has left other trails of information to all of her “tweeps” to indicate that she has been working really hard at the studio, dancing her behind off.

A “stoked” Britney tweeted:




All of Sunday as well as in between shots, Britney worked on her tan so that she could present her fans with an image of a glowing Britney, in her turquoise bikini and black heels so high, she appeared to have to hold on to the walls to remain upright.  She still looked every inch the showgirl, which is probably fitting, considering her 2-year Planet Hollywood Las Vegas residency she has signed, to commence this fall.

Ms Spears is following good company, with stars such as Celine Dion, Elton John and Rod Stewart, who all gave extended performances in the world famous city, although reports are stating that the 31-year old will be bringing with her a cooler, hipper club-type feel to her performances.  She will also be making appearances at pool parties as well as the famed Planet Hollywood nightclub, so look out, Vegas, you are about to be swamped with Britney fans!

Britney Spears Wipes the Desert Floor with Miley in New Video

Britney was hailed by Miley Cyrus as someone who “gets her.”  She goes on about how she is supposed to make mistakes at twenty years of age.  That said, Miley reportedly said this before her VMA performance.  Yet she still went ahead, hell-bent on driving the wrecking ball through her career.  All those years of hard work.  How can she compare herself to Ms Spears?  There is an obvious difference here.  Where Britney had a melt down through mental health, Miley has no real excuse for her behaviour. There is no comparison.

The point I am trying to make here is that, if Miley looked up to Britney so much, then why did she do choose to do something so reckless just at the moment the world was watching?  Saying that she is twenty and allowed to make mistakes does not justify going out and knowingly, deliberately making one as colossal as she did.

It’s official then.  Britney Spears can wipe the floor with Miley Cyrus without even trying. Britney is Britney, in her own right, where as Miley comes across as a wannabe.  Where unapologetic Miley thought she was “making history” by attempting to copy Madonna and Britney’s edginess, Britney had already carved out her own niche long before.

Watch out for Britney Spears’ appearance on “Good Morning America,” somewhere around September 17th.

Written by: Brucella Newman


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  1. bert   September 10, 2013 at 4:23 pm

    They’re both 1/10th+ billionaires. They probably play golf, or something.

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