Cats Can Lower Your Medical Bills

Cats could Lower Medical Bills
If you have ever owned a cat, you know that cats can be great healers, curling up on your lap when things “aren’t quite right” and offering energetic support with the vibration of purring they emit.  It’s true, cats have been found to be amazingly intuitive to pain and discomfort and many veterinarian clinics now keep cats around for the way they are with other animals, inspiring them to recover faster.  Cats can ease a lot of pains and symptoms including emotional hardships, nausea, PMS and by so doing, help lower your medical bills.

Emotional hardships can take many forms, from the loss of a loved one, post trauma from stressful events, childhood abuse, divorce, moving, starting a new job.  Even the simplest things like worrying about an upcoming event or what your partner will think about your input on the travel plans, or what to make for dinner can contribute to emotional stress.  Cats are fantastic creatures to have around to help you cope with these littlest stressors.  They are simple to apply and may just take patience and surrender in order to allow for their gentle healing vibration to find you and melt you down.

Nausea can be caused by digestive troubles, food poisoning, nervousness, pregnancy, anxiety, or fear.  Luckily, it doesn’t matter to your cat who can simply feel the discord in your belly and, if you allow it, curl up on the imbalanced location to emit healing vibrations which bring everything back to stable.  Nothing feels nicer than the warm purr of a fuzzy-weighted feline curled up on a sensitive belly.  No digestive enzymes or antacids can compare with the care coming from your furry friend.

PMS is a common syndrome among menstruating women who get the opportunity to face a myriad of challenging symptoms on a monthly basis including bloating, headaches, cramping, mood swings, breast tenderness, and fatigue.  Often women resort to medications and pain killers to help them to cope with the discomforts that often accompany their approaching cycle, but what if the answer was a simple as finding a new furry friend?  Cats can amaze you with they way they tune into cycles and know just when to enter the scene, even if they have been absent for days.  Just when you thought you couldn’t take  it anymore, there they are.

Often people qualify themselves as either “cat people” or “dog people” based on certain characteristics these animals possess and those which the person more fully enjoys.  For example, dogs are more often people friendly, interactive and demanding of attention.  Cats tend to the side of independence, curling up for some afternoon strokes and coming and going as they please.  Often people who want their animals to show them more attention go for dog companions, while individuals who are themselves more of a free-agent, like the non-commitment form of relationship cats often show.

In the case of healing companions, both cats and dogs can show up to take care of their owners and offer relief.  There is something about a cat, however, that seems to tune into frequencies in the body which need balancing and “purr” to help the human regain harmony.  This is true with cats and those suffering symptoms of any kind of discomfort including headaches, nausea, PMS, and emotional difficulties.  Cats are very intuitive and can sense when something is “not quite right” in their owner’s body – find the spot and curl up there.  Many cat owners report that a pulsing feeling can be sensed in the site of the cat healing – which soothes, lessens and eventually removes the cause of the pain altogether.

It has been found that the purring vibration of  20-140 Hertz, which cats can obtain, can help heal their human counterparts by bringing this frequency into their field. Purring can do more than relieve symptoms of PMS and nausea, though very helpful, purring has also been shown to strengthen bones, lower stress, ease heart troubles, boost the immune system, and eliminate anxiety.

Cat therapy is becoming increasingly popular as more people are recognizing the power of the purr.  Have you ever had multiple cats sit on you and purr at the same time?  It feels like you’ve just entered a vibration chamber, it’s very strong.  Just spending a little bit of time with your cat, or someone’s cat, each day can lengthen your life, boost your health and help cultivate a peaceful mind state that lasts and lasts.

Studies in various countries, such as Australia and Germany, have shown that those people with pets have fewer doctor visits, fewer problems sleeping and spend, on average, between $800 million and $6.6 billion dollars less on medical care – over all.  Yes, owning a cat can lower your medical bills significantly by increasing well-being, positive moods and feelings of love.  If you would like to lower costs of health care, maybe getting a cat is the first place to start.  Maybe you’ll be spending more on cat food and litter, but in the end, your new furry friend could save you a fortune and make you ten times happier than you were before.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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