Child Abuse Financially Supports Organized Crime Hidden Within the Government

Child Abuse Financially Supports Organized Crime Hidden Within the Government

With the recent chemical weapon attack in Syria, stories of Foster Homes around the world torturing children, child trafficking and the epidemic number of child abuse cases anointing the system our children are in danger.

But while the upcoming generation suffers at the hands of their abusive caregivers and society alike, child abuse is financially benefiting organized crime hidden within the government system.

The U.S. statistics on child abuse show that the every five hours a child dies from abuse with America having the worst child abuse record in the world. In the U.S., 66 children under the age of 15 die every week because of abuse. And more horrifying is that 80 percent of these fatalities are kids under the age of four.

In this intelligent, industrial time, the United States has the highest rate of abuse around the world with the State of Texas having the worst child abuse record in the nation.

These statistics only provide figures for the children who have died due to abuse and neglect and does not account for the children who still living each day of their tortured lives with more abusive horrors to come.

Although Dallas Children Hospital cares for a range of illnesses from cancer to kids with heart defects, child abuse accounts for 37 percent of hospital deaths, and this statistic is continuing to rise. The hospital sees about five abused patients a day.

What a dismal light this sheds on America’s future generation. And unlike diseases such as cancer or heart disease, the worst part of this growing epidemic is that it can be prevented.

These innocent, trusting children are put into the hands of people to care of them. What is happening in America and who is to blame for breeding this army of future abusers?

Firstly, the blame lies with the perpetrator who is responsible for caring for our children. But once the abuse is identified Child Protective Services (CPS) steps in, and hidden within the government’s financial bureaucracy organized crime raises its ugly head.

James Brown director of Sociological Center in Little Rock Arkansas advises that in 1973 the social work and mental health professions devised an organized crime operation exploiting children through the secrecy of the Child Protection Service, Juvenile court and mental health systems. The result being employees within the judicial system such as judges, attorneys, CPS caseworkers and mediators would supply fraud-based evaluations, falsifying testimony and records. If these deceptive methods were not adopted by the employees, they would be terminated from their position.

In Arkansas it was discovered that an Arkansas bill was drafted that required DHS employees, if subpoenaed, to lie about facts and records. Which is what happened in the Florida case wherein CPS  falsified records in the Rilya Wilson case, wherein the little girl has never been found. The story can be found at

To maintain organized crime within the child protection system, policies and procedures were written and put in place so that the components of criminal activity would not be detected within the system.

This truth is detected in the bureaucracy’s financial statistics. The number of children taken into the system will be enough to generate agency payroll. Also, everyone in the agency system will stay employed if the numbers of child abuse cases and children taken in always increases. Federal funding and blind political support is fashioning the criminal activity by means of financial gain.

Although Health and Human Services (HHS) stated in a press release that there will be no toleration for the abuse of even one child. HHS’s budget depends on abused children and the Federal Government is a major funder for child abuse.

In the State of Kentucky the quick trigger adoption method a great financial gain for the state. The non-profit organization Kentucky Youth Advocates noticed a spike in complaints against CPS and did some investigation. The caseworkers were said to be rude and hostile to the families they were working with. Adoptions were expedited too quickly with premature removal of children from their homes. The CPS caseworkers were setting unrealistic goal plans for the families to meet in order to keep their child.

Adoption proceedings were on a 17-day fast track wherein without substantial evidence or witnesses and based only on the caseworkers falsified testimony, the adoption of the child was authorized by the judge. And when defendant family appealed the decision, CPS removed the other children from the home along with removing the attorney who filed the appeal’s children. The more children being brought into the system, the more financial aid to be had. In 2004, the State of Kentucky received from the federal government $1,074,000 for adopting out children compared to the previous year’s government payout of $57,052. The more children being adopted, the more money is given to the state.

And not only is the government using adoption methods to increase its state revenue, child trafficking is another option for added income. As such the case in Austin, Texas where a Department of Human Services (DHS) supervisor, James Bunch committed suicide after being caught running a foster care prostitution ring from his office computer for two-years. Police confirmed that a state legislator was among the 400 clients listed.

But criminal financial gain does not just end at the physical and sexual abuse levels. The pharmaceutical and medical industries are also involved in the exploitation of children. At an alarming rate, children in foster care custody are being prescribed an enormous amount of medications.

A report issued by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) states that children in foster care are 4.5 times more likely in being given multiple psychotropic drugs. And worse yet, doctors who are not specialized in the care of children are prescribing these drugs. As in the case of a radiologist prescribing the drugs Prozac, Thorazine, Paxil and Xanax to a 15-year old child who was taking up to 13 pills a day.

67 percent of foster care children are taking at least one prescription drug. Foster care parents receive $17 per day for caring for the child, but if the foster child is on any type of psychotropic drug, the foster care parent receives $1,000 per day per child. And social security pays for these prescriptions.

Everyone is hopping on the criminal money train, the temporary caregivers, the doctors and pharmaceutical industry while the taxpayer is footing the bill.

Psychologist Dr. John Breeding warns this practice is “institutionalized child abuse.” Medicating our children as such is damaging their minds, personalities and souls.

Activists are calling for change. And in Texas along with a few other states, legal changes regarding the medication of children has begun to decline.

But true change will not happen unless the practice of saving our children from abuse is placed in the forefront of America’s priorities and organized crime is extinguished within the financial means controlling our governmental laws.

Written by Lisa Graziano


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5 thoughts on “Child Abuse Financially Supports Organized Crime Hidden Within the Government

  1. One of my friends noticed, “but if the foster child is on any type of psychotropic drug, the foster care parent receives $1,000 per day per child” and we question this, so could you fix it please? thanks. See, facebook groups too, families against government abuse, there are hundreds of groups online fighting this system and these people.

    1. i was put in bellevue hospital at the age of 5 in the children’s psych ward… was moved to foster care then to orphanage back to foster care all within 3 years then to this woman, i sat in the acs, and they told me 1,000 regular but if i was medicated ” and i have pretty much my whole life…. that it would be 8oo more. this is in new york city.

      thank you

  2. Well done, this has to be dealt with, also please see the documetary for what is going on in Canada.

    Organized crime and child welfare has been a problem for decades.

    Child welfare agencies are breaking the law, they have been breaking the law since the agencies were created. The marriage from hell with Big Pharma is especially horrendous.

    There is a high rate of abuse in foster care and adoption, children are being stolen from their families and sent to the highest bidder. It must be stopped, it must be addressed.

  3. “And when defendant family appealed the decision, CPS removed the other children from the home along with removing the attorney who filed the appeal’s children. ”

    I would like to hear more details about alleged retaliation against attorneys. Names, dates, case numbers please.

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