Dallas Cowboys and Texas Lottery Team Up Again

Dallas Cowboys Team up with Texas Lottery
Dallas Cowboys Support Public Education

For the fifth year in a row, the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Lottery have teamed up to support public education. Thanks to the teamwork of Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones and the Texas Lottery executive director Gary Grief, fans can purchase $5 scratch lottery tickets and enter to win up to $100 000. The cost of each ticket is down from 2012 when they went on sale for $10 a piece, which shows just how much success the lottery program has experienced in the last four years. With costs down, Texas Lottery can expect to boost sales even higher this year while still offering some amazing prizes to fans and supporters of Texas public schools.

Ticket sales were announced on Wednesday as a way for Cowboys fans to support their favorite NFL team as well as share commissions from the ticket sales with Texas public schools. More than 17 000 retailers throughout Texas will be selling the themed scratched tickets and contributing revenues to the public school system. An estimated $40 million will be collected from the sales.

There are two designs for the tickets, the first featuring the iconic Cowboys star and the second featuring the home of the team, the AT&T Stadium. In addition to the top 12 prizes of $100 000, ticket purchasers could win smaller cash prizes that total $29 million. If you don’t have a winning scratch ticket, don’t throw it out! Unlucky tickets can be re-entered in a secondary draw for a few choice prizes that football fanatics are going to love – these prizes include season tickets, autographed Dallas Cowboys jerseys and Cowboys gift cards.

Some of the luckiest fans are going to win a Cowboys “Wild Weekend”for 20 people. Features of this top prize include a suite at a Dallas Cowboys home game, travel accommodations, pre-game party and tours of the team locker room and training facilities. Even better? The chance to accompany Jerry Jones to the Dallas Cowboys War Room on National Football League draft day.

The tickets feature 5 “winning numbers” across the top of each card, with 20 secret numbers and symbols hidden below under the silver coating. Players are meant to completely uncover these hidden numbers and hopefully match them with any of the winning numbers at the top.  When the numbers match, a player wins the corresponding dollar amount. If a football icon or a TD icon (TouchDown) is matched, the player wins a non-cash corresponding prize. Nearly 1 million Dallas Cowboys Texas Lottery tickets are available for purchase.

Jones and Grief have both expressed their surprise and elation at the success of the Dallas Cowboys – Texas Lottery mash-up in previous years, and announced that they expect this year’s themed lottery to be an even bigger success. On top of the tens of millions of dollars this lottery project intends to raise for public schools, Jones and Grief have estimated that several million dollars are also being placed directly into the Texas economy. Tickets can be purchases at all popular lottery vendors State-wide.

By Mandy Gardner

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  1. Mandy Gardner   September 26, 2013 at 9:11 pm

    Let us know if you win!

  2. Rey Castillo   September 25, 2013 at 6:04 pm

    That is awesome I’ll buy 10 tickets!!!!


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