Extraterrestrial Life and Alien Evidence: Who Cares?

Extraterrestrial Life and Alien Evidence: Who Cares?

With all the coverage of extraterrestrial forms of life, more commonly referred to as aliens, it begs an important question regarding any possible evidence:  Who cares?

This is not a question posed out of scientific ignorance or a lack of curiosity, but, rather, a comment on the placement and deployment of important resources that could be used far more effectively.  Throughout the entirety of a universe so unfathomably large and diverse, it isn’t a question of if extraterrestrial life exists because, without a doubt, it certainly does.

Earth is able to sustain life based on the make-up of the atmosphere, due to the positioning distance away from the sun in the center of the solar system.  With billions upon billions of stars and planets in the entire universe, it is absurd to think that a precise positioning such as this one, or any number of combinations creating a biological copacetic environment, does not exist.

The mere fact that great minds should inherently know that this is a fact, which most do, and not care right now, is because we are scientifically closer to piercing other dimensions than we are to traversing  the staggering number of light years most likely required to make contact with beings residing outside the gravitational limits of our solar system.  Making contact with these life forms would require more fuel than NASA can currently provide a spaceship with in order to visit with these entities and return back to Earth alive.  Also, reasonably traveling to the outer reaches of even just the Milky Way Galaxy, in particular, would require a human spaceship to be able to break the speed of light to be able to arrive back to Earth during any possible anticipation of an individual astronaut’s lifespan.

The problem that lies within breaking the speed of light is the sheer amount of energy required to penetrate the massiveness of space.  Recently, some scientists have claimed they may be able to bend the space in front of the spacecraft so to reduce the distance necessary to travel, a type of a shortcut, more simply stated. Yet, a lot of the details surrounding the execution of that idea still remain in the realm of science fiction for now.

For now, the real focus of discovering extraterrestrial life should be focused on looking into other dimensions, instead of into the far reaches of space.  Extraterrestrial basically means something that is not native to the current model and understanding of the planet Earth and beings that exist in another dimensions of space and time would certainly qualify under that definition.  Dark matter alone presents more alien evidence within quantum physics than through space exploration.

Quantum physics, in the opinion of many, is closer to a significant breakthrough than rocket scientists are to conquering the conundrums surrounding how to break the speed of light. Thus, the greatest minds should be primarily concerning themselves with how to penetrate other dimensions from the safety of our home planet before voyaging dangerously into the great unknown vastness of the outer universe.  If travel between dimensions can indeed be accomplished this century, chances are this will reveal the science necessary to travel outside of our solar system anyway and the research would be accomplishing two things at once instead of functioning like two separate hamsters in two separate wheels, as it currently is.  Evidence of extraterrestrial life may be closer than anyone thought possible, so why isn’t anyone looking?


Written by Michael Blain

Twitter: @michaelblain

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One Response to "Extraterrestrial Life and Alien Evidence: Who Cares?"

  1. paul   December 17, 2013 at 12:17 pm

    I am very sure smarter people than either myself or the author of this opinion piece are indeed curious about the mechanics involved regarding alternate dimensions and realities.

    Keeping your eggs in one dimension as it were however may be at our own peril. I suggest any approach- and am for that matter- need attention I. Order for us to extend our presence galactically.

    For further naysayers that may contend that this is a discussion best saved for the back burner I would offer them to take the time to overpower their ignorance and look at just how fragile our current planetary residence is within a radically large shooting gallery.

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