Family Dog Alerts Parents to Abusive Babysitter [video]

Man's Best Friend

Man's Best FriendA couple in South Carolina is thankful for their family pet. The family’s dog helped them discover the abuse their son, Finn, had suffered at the hands of their babysitter whenever they left him in her care.

The couple, Benjamin and Hope Jordan, said they started getting suspicious of Alexis Khan after the family dog, Killian, began acting very aggressive towards her.

Khan had been watching their son for about five months when the couple noticed that Killian started being very protective of their baby whenever she came around. As soon as she would walk in the door the dog would immediately become aggressive towards her. There were times when it got so bad that they had to physically restrain the dog when attempting to attack her.

Benjamin said their dog is normally very personable so for him to show aggression toward anyone signaled them that something was definitely wrong. Disturbed by the dog’s demeanor and frustrated because they couldn’t readily identify the problem they came up with a plan.

The next time Khan came over to their house to watch their toddler Hope secretly put an iPhone underneath the sofa in hopes of recording what happened when they left their son in Khan’s care.

The recording on the iPhone revealed a parent’s worst fear when dealing with a babysitter. First they heard a lot of cussing then they could hear slapping noises. After which, the crying of their son swiftly changed from an uncomfortable cry to a painful cry. At one point, Benjamin added, the noise he heard sounded like his child was being shaken.

He said wished he could reach through the recording and remove his son from his misery. He felt horrible realizing that for no less than five months he simply handed his child over to a monster and allowed her to abuse him. He was so sorry that he had no clue. He did run a background check on the 22-year-old Alexis Kahn before hiring her, but she passed without question.

There is a common saying that dog is man’s best friend. Although all dogs are not necessarily friendly at all times, many people have shared positive and inspirational testimonies about their dogs. People have shared how their dog was missing and found his way back home, or how their dog senses when something is wrong and tries to offer comfort, or how their dog rescued them from some adverse situation.

Dogs are used to help law enforcement solve crimes, as eyes for the blind, in therapy for Alzheimer’s disease and in experimental settings as comfort for terminally ill patients. All of these examples and many more validate the old saying that dogs are man’s best friend for many pet owners.

The Jordan family is very grateful for their dog; they have credited him with alerting them to the abuse that their babysitter was doing to their son. Due to his young age they may never have found out otherwise until it was too late. Killian has again validated the saying that dogs are man’s best friend.

Khan was arrested by the Charleston City Police department and finally confessed to the abuse. As a result she agreed to plead guilty to charges of assault and batter in Charleston County Circuit Court and will be imprisoned for one to three years. The state will also have Khan listed on the child abuse registry and she will no longer be permitted to work with any children.

Benjamin and Hope Jordan said their son, Finn, is doing fine and shows no signs of this traumatic occurrence. They are hoping other parents will be able to learn from their experience.

This family is right to credit their dog because he did what the background check didn’t do; he alerted them to the abuse their son endured while in the sitter’s care. The 22-year-old babysitter plead guilty to charges of assault earlier this week.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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