Fifty Shades of Grey: How Much Sex Will Be Seen on the Big Screen?

Dubbed as "Mommy Porn"

Will the Theater Get Steamy?The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy has people on fire. After announcing the main cast the burning question that still remains is, “How much sex should the viewers expect?”

The bestselling book by E. L. James, with the same title, is filled with burning kinky sex. The fans are excited to see how this will play out on the big screen. Will the filmmakers stay safe or will they push the envelope?

In keeping with the theme of the trilogy the filmmakers have clarified that this will be an R-rated movie and they have no plans to adjust the script to fit a NC-17 rating. The Fifty Shades of Grey book series has been dubbed, “mommy porn’ and is filled with sex, sex, sex and more sex.

While some think that the romance in the story takes away from the sexual fantasy others agree that this book the perfect blend and is hotter than fire.

Here are a few sexy issues given between the pages of the novel that have sparked the fans curiosity concerning the big screen:

  • Steamy elevator session with Anastasia and Christian: Christian uses his lips to pin Anastasia to the wall…and Anastasia’s tongue strokes his tongue in an erotic dance while his erected ‘piece’ presses against her stomach.
  • Anastasia screams “Holy Cow” in reaction to Christian’s erection: Christian sits up and tugs her panties of and thrown them on the floor. He takes of his boxers and his erection leaps free.
  • Christian talks dirty to Anastasia: He says Anastasia is so deliciously wet
  • Anastasia goes down on Christian: Anastasia pulls him deeper inside her mouth so she can feel him against the back of her throat and back to the front. She calls Christian her flavored popsicle.
  • Anastasia climaxes over and over: Anastasia’s legs get stiff and he moves his finger inside her inner goodness. She instantly comes over and over calling out his name.

It seems that even though people love the steamy movies they are still nervous and uptight when viewing them in public settings; like the movie theater. There are several options the filmmakers can take. They might have an unrated DVD version, a special release version, while utilizing a slightly edited version for the big screen. The decision has not been finalized.

Production for the upcoming film is set to begin in the fall with an expected teaser trailer of Fifty Shades of Grey to release in the winter. The projected release date for the actually film is August 1, 2014. That only allows a year for the filmmakers to shoot and edit the movie.

The trailer will be the first public viewing that will determine if the world agrees on the chemistry of the actors. It will decide whether there will or will not be an entire franchise for Fifty Shades of Grey.

Charlie Hunnam who is casted as Christian Grey says he has tangible chemistry with Dakota Johnson; who is plays opposite him as Anastasia. He said it felt weird, fun, exciting and compelling all at the same time. He also added that he’s not at all worried about the vivid sexual scenes that he’ll be required to do. He’s absolutely fine with all of it.

The actors set to play Kate Kavanagh, Anastasia’s best friend; and Elliot Grey, Christian’s brother have not been announced yet. These two have some hot moments in the book as well. The filmmakers wanted to announce the main roles first, but will follow suite with these actors shortly.

The filmmakers love that everyone is excited about the movie and can’t stop talking about it. They haven’t even begun filming yet and the conversation has been ongoing.

It hasn’t been announced the amount of sex the fans should expect but with all of the vivid, kinky sex that goes on in the trilogy I’m sure the fans won’t be disappointed; or will they?



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)