Former KGB Agent’s Revelations Make the Snowden Scandal Pale in Comparison


The Edward Snowden NSA scandal is a major news item. But, it pales in comparison to the revelations that Mykhaylo (Mike) Kryzhanovsky has revealed, about subjects like presidential assassinations, the real role of the CIA, and other topics. This is the first in a series of articles that will detail some of Mike’s allegations.

Who is Mykhaylo Kryzhanovsky ?

He was a KGB agent who was born in 1958, came to the United States in 1995, and was granted asylum here.

Doc 1. Asylum letter


He was recruited by the CIA, and began a career working for them,  often asking him to perform tasks that he was not comfortable with doing. He was asked, among other things, to assassinate both President Bill Clinton and President Obama. Because he turned down these requests, or orders, he has been a hunted man.

It might seem unlikely, at first blush, that the CIA was behind plots to assassinate both Clinton and Obama; but, Mike has a vast range of knowledge about the KGB and the CIA, and he has the documentation to back up his claims.

These articles will go further in-depth into the allegations that Mike has made, but this first article will give you a glimpse of what’s to come.

Here is Mike’s official Homeland Security I.D.:

Doc.16. SS doc

When Mike first arrived in America, one of the people he was very interested in going after was Gestapo Chief Heinrich Mueller. Mueller, Mike writes in a book he’s working on,   “was recruited and worked for  Office of Strategic Services (OSS). At OSS order he planned and executed the operation to poison the US President Franklin Roosevelt.  He was last seen in the Führerbunker in Berlin on  May 1, 1945, the day after Hitler’s suicide. The CIA’s file on Muller was released under the Freedom of Information. Act in 2001, and documents several unsuccessful attempts by U.S. agencies to find Mueller. The U.S. National Archives commentary on the file concludes: ‘Though inconclusive on Muller’s ultimate fate, the file is very clear on one point. The CIA and its predecessors (OSS) did not know Muller’s whereabouts at any point after the war. The CIA was never in contact with Mueller.’

Before coming to the United States, Mueller was behind the deaths of millions of Jews in Nazi Germany.

He was allegedly also behind the assassination of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, though Roosevelt’s death was called a brain hemorrhage by his doctor.

As Mike writes in his book:

April 12, 1945

On the afternoon of April 12, Roosevelt said, “I have a terrific pain in the back of my head.” He then slumped forward in his chair, unconscious, and was carried into his bedroom. The president’s attending cardiologist, Dr. Bruenn, diagnosed a massive cerebral hemorrhage (stroke). At 3:35 pm Roosevelt died. Three American presidents – Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower and John Kennedy rejected Roosevelt family’s request for autopsy – they knew who killed the President, they knew about Mueller and nobody wanted to be next.

June 4, 1961

During a short break in Vienna Summit between John Kennedy and Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschhev, Kennedy’s Press Secretary Pier Sallinger, introduced to the President Soviet journalist Valentin Zorin who asked why Kennedy refused the autopsy of Roosevelt’s body. Kennedy got angry: “I’ll OK the autopsy and there might be traces of a poison. It won’t bring Roosevelt back but what people would think about the country where they poison presidents like rats ?”

As to the purported assassination plots against Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama,Mike relates that he was recruited at the Hilton motel, and that he was code named “Filament.”

As to why the CIA wanted Clinton killed, Mike has suggested that it could be because the CIA didn’t want an uranium deal to go on between Clinton and Yeltsin. According to Mike, “he didn’t want to share ‘Russian uranium’ money with CIA.”

In an email, he wrote:

I was the best KGB “Nabat” group” sniper, not only #1 spy and political and espionage scientist. CIA wanted me to eliminate Clinton because as Ukrainian National Security officer I had to kill President Yeltsin in 1992.

Altogether I have 30 years of espionage and counterespionage experience and worked for 5 special services.

Where would the Assassination of President Clinton occur?

The assassination of President Bill Clinton was supposed to happen at one of Clinton’s favorite restaurants, Filomena, in Washington, D.C. Mike is an expert sniper, and he was asked to use a sniper rifle with a silencer, possibly a Russian “Stechkin.”

Here is a photograph of the Filomena:

filomena-restaurant (1)
Mike added: “With Obama – any hotel, better NYC.”
Mike has stated that the CIA isn’t very good at handling international matters, nor in learning very much about Russia and President (now Premier) Putin’s true intentions.

What they are more concerned with, according to Mike, is working “inside America mostly, not outside, controlling the White House and the US Congress. For self-preservation, of course.”

Would Mike assassinate President Clinton or President Obama today, if he was asked to by the CIA?

It would definitely be tempting for Mike to go through with assassinating either former President Bill Clinton or President Barack Obama if the CIA came to him and asked him to today. Mike has said, because of his past refusal, he has had a difficult time of surviving, and finding other employment options.

According to Mike:

I don’t remember when I had three hot meals a day, and if CIA Director John Brennan, FBI Director Comey or US secret Service Director Pierson give me a call and mention Obama or Clintons as targets, I can’t guarantee “no” if money is good.”

If the next president voted into office is Hilary Clinton, Mike believes that she will start a war to try to get “Russian resources.” Also, if the Secret Service somehow manages to kill Putin either in Russia or here, Mike’s concerned that there will be “a very serious conflict between the two countries.”

Mike has said in an email that he “warned Putin.” I have seen a copy of the document, written in the Russian language, which he sent to Putin. He sent it “to the Presidents Security Office (FSO).”

Mykhaylo Kryzhanovsky’s life is a very interesting one, to say the least. In future articles, I’ll go into some of his allegations even further in-depth, and report on why what the CIA has been involved with over the years is potentially much more of a danger to the United States than Edward Snowden’s revelations.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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