Google Search Engine Algorithm Hummingbird Enhances Results

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Happy Birthday Google! The search engine capital turns a sweet 15-years-old Friday. In honor of this amazing day, Google decided to gift back to the users who depend on the iconic king of results. Quietly, behind the scenes Google has released the algorithm, code name: Hummingbird. The newest coding will allow users to enter complex information into the search bar to receive more cohesive results.

Critics in the industry have asked fans to approach the changes cautiously. They state to celebrate the entrance of updated coding, but only time will tell if the results are the big payoff. Google is looking to wow the crowd by allowing a more expansive entry for results. The Google blog revealed now users can receive details, even from searches asking Google to compare “butter with olive oil.”

One Meetings Merges Success

In 1995 Sergey Brin and Larry Page joined forces when they met on the campus of Stanford. The dynamic dual had long-time dreams of creating a one stop shop for users to find everything they wanted to know from the Internet. With memos, advertising and working hard they have exploded into one of the lead, tech powerhouses in Silicon Valley. The company now marks 15 years with enhanced algorithm coding named Hummingbird.

Founders and genius minds Larry Page and Sergey Brin.
Founders and genius minds Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Number One Employer

Google has always been a company that enjoys their prestigious growth. The company is not only a search engine powerhouse, it is also the company to work for. Google is listed as number one on Fortune’s Top 100 Best Companies to Work For. It would make a repeat from the 2012 standings. Google invests in the health and aspect of connectivity with their employees. The company has created three wellness centers and even has a seven acre sized, sports complex. With the complex, employees can enjoy roller skating, basketball, shuffle ball and a game of horseshoe.

Google Named Number 1 Employer. Where do we sign up?
Google Named Number 1 Employer. Where do we sign up?

Continued Innovation

Taking the lead on innovation and growth, the company is now investing into their users with an enhanced search algorithm. Google wants users to comfortably enter information in conversational tones when searching for a result. While the technology behind the scenes is hidden from public eye, it is has been listed as a very sophisticated process. This process will result in better search results with information that is considered useful.

Instead of indexing websites for a search result, Google’s Hummingbird process will show important information based on website ranking. Any changes made to the way Google handle’s searches is a pretty massive move. The search engine champion handles a majority of the world’s search engine results, resulting in nervous wondering for website owners. Many site owners are contemplating if they will have to buy ad space to result in higher rankings during searches.

This is an example of the search result
This is an example of the search result

The wave of renewed technology has entered the arena and Google is meeting the demand. Gone are the days of adding a plus sign when searching a term or using brackets for a streamlined result. Now with Google’s enhanced process, users simply just need to type in their response. With predictive entry, a faster result is intended and can end a search before the sentence is completed.

Google is looking to roll out an app for all iPhone and iPad users to receive reminder notification across the board, starting next week. Currently, Google will be rolling out the update to all Android mobile devices. Vice President of Search, Amit Singhal states users will be able to add a reminder to a device, such as their Google Nexus. The user can ask Google to remind them to purchase olive oil at Safeway. Once the consumer steps into the store, with the powers of technology, GPS and algorithms, users will receive a reminder from the device.

What is Next?

Google has steadily becoming the rising center of all things technology. From mobile devices to developing the streamlined Hummingbird algorithm search engine, their steamroller shows no signs of slowing. As the Android mastermind and developing a niche with tablets- consumers may start demanding just one more field for Google to conquer. How about those video game consoles, Google?

Could console creation be in Google's future?
Could console creation be in Google’s future?


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