HIV-Similar Virus Cured in Monkeys

HIV Cured in Monkeys
Scientists and researchers finally succeeded in curing the HIV-like virus in monkeys by inducing a vaccine. A virus called “Simian Immunodeficiency Virus”, or SIV, was injected into the bodies of most monkeys and succeeded in eradicating the disease, as published in Nature magazine.

The scientists inoculated 16 monkeys and among them 9 were totally cured. Now, researchers want to provide the same approach to humans in a bid to eradicate HIV. This pioneering work on a potential HIV vaccine raises the possibility that humans, too, could soon be cured. Having been injected with the SIVmac239 virus, the animals should die within two years but survived, once vaccinated. After mating they behaved normally as the vaccine healed the deadly disease. SIV virus is 100 times stronger than HIV virus; so if it could be cured by this vaccine, then HIV may also be eliminated. Researcher Louis Picker from the Oregon University of Health and Science seemed really happy, but cautious, about the success. He said, “It’s very tough to pronounce the word ‘eradicated’ because there is always something, some cell, some spore, yet to be analyzed. But for the most part of stringent criteria, no virus was left in the body of monkeys”.

Viruses are often employed to eradicate other viruses and this vaccine is generated from a virus called ‘Cyclomegalovirus’ or CMV, which comes from the Herpes family. The infectious power of CMV is used here to spread the virus throughout the body but instead of forming disease it is used to kill or spur the molecules of SIV. This a small step towards curing HIV and a giant step towards saving mankind from a monstrous disease. Many years have passed since scientists waged a crusade of research to eradicate the disease; they have tried several methods, from folk medicines to the most recent ones, but they have now made the news in journals, magazines  and newspapers and the results may be massive.

Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul


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  1. William Jackson   September 13, 2013 at 11:20 am

    SIV was not used to cure HIV in monkeys…Re look your research.

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