iPhone 5C Available for Pre-Order Now [video]

New Software, Colors and Design

New Software, Colors and DesignApple started its pre-order sales of their new colorful iPhones today. Other retailers have also begun pre-orders, such as Best Buy and Wal-Mart. The least expensive offer of all is currently Wal-Mart. They are offering the 16GB model at $79; with a two-year contract.

Anyone who pre-orders the new iPhone today will have the phone delivered on September 20. This is also the same day that the phones will be available for in-store purchase. The iPhone 5S, which is the high end model, will not be available for sale until September 20.

The iPhone 5C comes pre-loaded with the new iOS 7 software and in five different colors; blue, green, pink, white and yellow. This phone is very similar to the iPhone 5 version it replaces.

If a new iPhone isn’t what’s in line for the iPhone user right now, on September 18 Apple is releasing an update for their model 4, 4S and 5 with the new iOS 7 software. The new software won’t change the color of the phone but it does come with colorful icons, apps and design.

iOS 7 really gels well with the new iPhone 5C. These colorful phones come with a matching home screen. For some the colors are a turn off because they appear too youthful but the phone itself is solid and sturdy. The $99 price tag is another bonus.

The new iPhone 5S looks a lot like the iPhone 5 but has a more elegant design. It has a new color option of gold and a home button made of sapphire glass. The biggest deal with the swanky home button is it has the new Touch ID, Apple’s fingerprint reader.

Once you complete the set up process to train the phone to recognize your fingerprint all it takes is two taps and you’re logged in. This feature eliminates the need for a PIN to access the phone. Don’t worry if you want your spouse or other family member to have access to your phone because the phone can remember up to five different fingerprints. When someone attempts to access the phone with an unrecognizable print the phone will flash, “Try Again” and won’t unlock. If the new Touch ID is too high tech the password feature remains an option.

The iPhone 5S also has improved LED flashes, enhancements to the camera as well as an increase in processing speed.

So, it appears that the 5S is all about elegance, speed and features, but if none of those are a non-negotiable the 5C will do just fine.

The new hardware is definitely a plus but the biggest reward will be the upgrade in software. So whether or not you decide to purchase the new iPhone 5C or 5S, on September 18 the iPhone 4, 4S and 5 will all have the option of upgrading to the new software.

The new software is enough to make the owner feel as if they have a new phone. Apple has provided some radical changes to the current mobile operating. Of course with the new iOS 7, there are the new colors complete with animation and icons, but it also has redesigned apps such as the calendar, camera, music and mail. The software is totally revamped.

Apple kept the same interface icons on the main screen so it doesn’t throw the user totally off. There is a new Command Center with quick access to settings with a single swipe. Siri has also been enhanced and comes with the option of a male or female voice.

If you’re not in the market for a new handset the new software is an option, but if you’re looking to get the new iPhone 5C you can pre-order it today and have it in your hands on September 20 without the notorious Apple Store release date lines.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

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    I am reading your page regarding pre-order. I want to purchase 5C and 5s apple mobile. Please let me know, how I can booking pre-order. I am from Karachi, Pakistan.

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    i am reading your page for pre-order very carefully. I am living in Karachi, Pakistan. I want to purchase Apple 5c and 5s mobile. Please let me know, how I can purchased it, and how I can book pre-order.


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