Jack Klugman Emmy Snub While Cory Monteith Tribute Enrages Son Adam

Jack Klugman Emmy Snub While Cory Monteith Tribute Enrages Son Adam

Jack Klugman Emmy Snub While Cory Monteith Tribute Enrages Son Adam

It has enraged Jack Klugman’s son Adam that a young actor at the start of his career, Cory Monteith, is getting a tribute on the 2013 Primetime Emmy show. While Adam’s father, the legendary Jack Klugman has been snubbed by the Emmy hierarchy. Adam is quite rightly furious that his dad, who died aged 90 on December 14 2012 is not being honoured.

The 50 year-old media strategist and campaign consultant spoke to AP to say that he felt it was criminal that his father, who played Oscar Madison in the small screen version of Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple and, later Quincey M.E. was not going to be remembered on the upcoming show.

Adam, who is one of Jack Klugman’s sons – the other is David – said that he felt it was insulting and typical of “this youth-centric culture.” He also revealed that the program was catering to a specific small target demographic, which was aimed at younger adults.

Adam Somers Klugman, stated that he had nothing bad to say about Cory Monteith, but he pointed out that he was a young actor who died because of a “self-induced” tragedy and that Montieth had not won any Emmys. It enrages Adam that his father Jack Klugman has been snubbed by the Primetime Emmy Awards who have chosen to have a tribute for Monteith instead.

Jack Klugman was nominated many times for Primetime Emmys in his career and the legendary actor took home three Emmys in total. Jack won his first Emmy for his work as a guest star in 1964s The Defenders. But it was as sportswriter Oscar Madison in The Odd Couple, opposite Tony Randall as Felix Unger, that Klugman won his next Emmys. It was in the lead role of Quincey M.E. that Klugman was nominated another four times.

It seems that Adam Klugman’s charge of appealing to the younger members of the targeted demographic is not far off. Ken Ehrlich, executive producer for the Emmys, released a statement to Associated Press that said Cory Monteith and his Glee character, Finn Hudson, appealed to a “younger generation” and that all the producers felt that Monteith should be given a tribute.

There will be only five deceased stars honoured during the ceremony as part of the “In Memoriam” portion of the show. Adam Klugman is not the only critic of the choice to honor Monteith, several have suggested that there may be some “late” stars who deserved to be among the five names to be remembered.

Actor Cory Monteith, died in a tragic overdose of alcohol and heroin July this year in a Vancouver, Canada hotel room. Despite Klugman’s issue with Monteith’s death being “self-inflicted” Ehrlich insisted that the tribute was fitting.

Not only was it a chance to celebrate Cory’s work on Glee, but it could also serve as a cautionary tale. The other late stars who will receive a tribute are: Jean Stapleton from All in the Family, James Gandolfini from The Sopranos, Gary David Goldberg producer of Family Ties as well as Monteith from Glee.

Robin Williams will be saluting his friend and mentor Jonathan Winters who worked with Williams on the Mory & Mindy show to bring the total of tributes to five.

Jack Klugman was an award winning actor who had a long and brilliant career on television. Is it any surprise that his son Adam is enraged at the snub his father had gotten from the Primetime Emmys. The Emmys producers opting instead to have a special tribute for Cory Monteith must be a bitter pill for Adam Klugman to swallow.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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  1. Great. Honor a drug addled booze hound and not the man who played two BRILLIANT characters and went before Congress to get people with rare diseases treated. I WILL NOT be watching the Emmy Awards this year.

  2. this is why they shouldn’t single ANYONE out. While well meant it was a foolish decision and would always have caused problems no matter who they included or didn’t. I think its a shame that this is now colouring the tributes to Cory. While he did not have as long a career as others I think its still nice that younger fans are geting to remember their star also. Tributes are not just about how long the person lived, how they died, its about what the person brought to the world of acting when alive and the fans who supported them. You only have to read tumblr, facebook or twitter to realise how deeply his death has affected many young people. RIP JKlugman and RIP Cory Monteith

  3. OMG, this Cory guy does not even belong in the same category as legends like Jack Klugman, and Jean Stapleton.

  4. Screw the emmys. I’ll remember who deserves remembrance — someone who really worked hard in the industry and should be honored. I don’the even know who that kid Cory was.

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