Joseph Gordon-Levitt a Son of Political Careerists

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has proved himself in the film industry as his dynamic roles as an actor has enthralled movie goers with his vigorous talents in acting. If Gordon-Levitt’s film career seems to come so easy, it is probably due to the fact that Joseph is the son of film and political careerists.

Gordon-Levitt’s mother, Jane Gordon, is the daughter of the late, Michael Gordon, who was an actor and film director, and who was also blacklisted in the McCarthy era. Both Jane and her father Michael Gordon ran for Congress in the 1970s in California. Jane later met Joseph’s father, Dennis Levitt, who worked as a director for a public news station, KPFK. Jane was part of the Peace and Freedom party, and both Jane and Dennis are listed as founders of the Progressive Jewish Alliance which further cultivated their political careers. Joseph’s celebrity does add to the Gordon-Levitt name as his parents have raised a talented son who has chosen happily chosen a career in acting rather than politics.

The Peace and Freedom Party, founded in June 23, 1967, is a platform dedicated to ecology, equality for women and all races, democracy, and socialism. The PFP is an organization that help impoverished communities against a capitalistic society.

The Progressive Jewish Alliance is an organization that had some controversial run-ins with a chapter of the Alliance. The PJA closed its American Jewish Congress chapter in 1999. PJA is involved in educating young Jewish professionals in the enhancement of a political and cultural philosophy.

Growing up with parents who were careerists in the political arena, Joseph was and still remains the perfect son who continues to give the Gordon-Levitt family name another feather in the family cap. Though Joseph was born and raised in the Jewish belief, his personal thoughts about religious beliefs have not surfaced. His donations to the Green Party and Democrats do indicate his political stance, which keeps in the same political arena as his parents.


Written by: Dianna Coudriet

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