Vaccines – Can We Really Keep Up This Argument?

To vaccinate or to not vaccinate…is this really the question? After reading a Huffington Post article today about a mother who claims to be “coming out of the closet” in favor of vaccines while encouraging other vaccinating parents to do the same, in order to somehow “shame” (is that the right word?) the non-vaccinating parental world into somehow shifting their view…I am moved to respond.  Yes, I am aware at how incredibly lengthy that last sentence was, as are my thoughts regarding this issue and how I will go about putting them into a short-ish article about the whole thing.  Vaccines – can we really keep up this argument?  And more importantly, should we be arguing at all about an issue such as this when doing so clearly keeps us from coming together as one people?

The Argument For

To begin, I would like to address the arguments in favor of vaccinations.  Those who fall on this side of the divider line are generally aligned with western medicine and see only benefits coming from the inventions of what is often referred to as “modern medicine.”  Proponents claim that vaccines have reduced the outbreak of certain contagious diseases including measles, polio, mumps and the like.  They would also tend to believe in the words of pharmacopoeia that vaccines have, in no way, contributed to autism and that such a claim is preposterous, to say the least.  Vaccine believers often side with the “herd-mentality” which says that the larger numbers of vaccinated people keep diseases at bay and is safer for those with immune deficiency problems.

Pro-vaccine people would like to, more than anything, believe their doctor when they say vaccines are safe and help the bodies of those who receive them to create antibodies to protect against disease.  They would love to trust the medical profession as knowing more than they do about said process and trust that nothing would be promoted on such a large scale to so much of our population, including largely our children, unless it was safe.

Another argument for vaccines goes on to try and debunk a few of the arguments “against”- as noted below in some of the following paragraphs.  These arguments claim that said harmful ingredients in vaccines are really not so bad and actually fine to have included in vaccines such as formaldehyde, Thimerosal,  aluminum, egg protein and other preservatives.  So, in other words, many folks feel fine about consuming ingredients based on FDA approval and standard “safety” measures of said contents, after-all, these ingredients are in a lot of our packaged foods now.

The Argument Against

To look at the other side of things and acknowledge all things as fair, voice must be given to those who have done their research, reported incidences and lived the life of a vaccine-promoting medical “professional” who have stopped vaccinating to know the other side of the story.  If one is willing to look at the research and note the long list of questionable items that are placed inside vaccines going into our little ones and our more frail members of society, one would have to raise an eyebrow.  Either that, or choose skepticism in favor of the previous few arguments.

Just a few of the ingredients present in many of today’s vaccines are:  GMOs, aluminum,  crossbred bacteria from animals, diseased humans and mosquitoes, hormones from infected cows, pigs, chickens and monkeys, untested virus combinations (like H1N1), mercury, and emulsifiers.  Not to mention cancer viruses such as the leukemia virus as well as AIDS virus and the SV40 virus.  Now, don’t take my word for it on these last doozies…Dr. Maurice Hilliman at Merck who helped to create these vaccines admits it during an interview with other scientists.  This interview was never meant to make it to the public, though Natural News got a hold of it and publicized it.  It can be listened to/watched here.

This is in no way an attempt to create a conspiracy, this is an actual vaccine creator speaking about the presence of cancer in vaccines (among other ingredients) and then laughing about it with others in the room.  Wait until the 6:55 marker and be amazed!  They actually talk about how we would win the Olympics at that time in Russia because the Russians would be laden with tumors – due to the vaccine trials there.  Wow.

Bovine cow serum is in the following vaccines: the measles live virus vaccine, measles and mumps live virus vaccine, The DTaP, IPV, HBV and Hib vaccines(Diphtheria, tetanus, polio, hepatitis B and Haemophilus influenza type B) for sure. Bovine cow serum comes from cow skin and when injected into human skin can cause: “connective tissue disorders, arthritis and lupus; also shortness of breath, low blood pressure, chest pain and skin reactions.”  

Thimerosal, in the typical flu vaccine, is a type of neurotoxic mercury which has been linked to autism.  There is 25 mcg in a regular flu shot.  The “safe” level of this particular mercury is 5 mcg according to the EPA.  The real danger comes when kids receive multiple vaccines at one time – where other vaccines also may contain other forms of mercury.  Either way, there is already 5 times the suggested safe quantity in a flu vaccine.  Though some would argue that Thimerosal is not so bad, they also voice that there are Thimerosal-free versions of the flu virus available…does anyone know this?

Human Albumin is in the live measles vaccine, at least and is the protein part of blood from “pooled human venous plasma.”  Side effects include chills, fever, rash, headaches, hives, nausea, difficulty breathing.  Immuno-deficiency virus can result from the injection of this ingredient.  It can also contain “SV40 virus, AIDS, cancer or Hepatitis B from drug addicts” as well as cause cell mass decrease.

This seems like a lot to swallow, doesn’t it?  Luckily, when you get vaccinated you don’t have to swallow it as it goes directly into the blood stream, by-passing your normal defenses.  Informed Choice website offers a long list of other vaccine ingredients which can help people to better educate themselves on the issue of whether or not to vaccinate.  Another great website is called Generation Rescue, who also offers a list of ingredients and their potential side effects.

As far as the “herd mentality” argument, apparently this was a hypothesis from a college text book back in the day and has somehow managed to stick around.  The truth is, you can get a disease without coming into contact with another person AND if you are vaccinated it shouldn’t affect you anyway, right?  What about the immune-sensitive individuals?  Research by a well-known chemist who wrote the book Over-the-Counter Natural Cures talks about the misnomer of vaccines actually working for longer than a short amount of time for people, if at all.  That this is not in fact how our immune systems work.

The polio vaccine, which was thought to eradicate polio, actually came a bit after other measures – such as the stopping of the removal of tonsils (one of our body’s main immune glands) – and sanitation, which were more likely to contribute to the decrease in polio than anything else.

Parents of kids who have vaccinated and then had horrible, noticeable, immediate reactions such as death or a radical shift in the child’s behavior is, though not the rule, a reality and very disturbing. One report from India, after the administration of a certain vaccine which was met with immediate untimely deaths of receivers was reported in The Hindu, a local paper:

We are not against vaccines, it is an important public health tool. What prompted us to file the petition was the death of children within 24 hours of administering the vaccine. We wanted to know the cause of death of these children but the report is not available. Also, the effects of administering a combination of too many vaccines need to investigated and shared with us as well.

One mother, Christine Colebeck, will never get her child back after losing her immediately following a vaccine injection.  She writes her undeniable story, though authorities who investigated her case would not admit to the correlation between the vaccine and her little one’s untimely death.  Her story can be read here.

The Argument to End Arguments

On any issue in the news including diet, healthcare, politics, religion, sexual orientation, crime, laws and education – there are always at least two sides to everything.  A smart person can argue their point and make it sound right, no matter the evidence to the contrary.  So, in the case of vaccination, or anything else, it could be more important to agree to disagree while finding the ways we can come together as a people despite our differing beliefs.  The one thing that keeps us all separate and at war with each other both inside the country and worldwide, is our need to be “right” about an issue – and to fight about that right.  In the end, if we are divided, for any reason – who really wins?

If you believe in conspiracy, the powers that be win – succeeding in dividing a people over small issues so they do not notice nor pay attention to the larger issues.  Even if you don’t believe in conspiracy and you desire peace in this world, how do you suppose we accomplish that while arguing over vaccines, religion or anything else?  Do you suppose that all your arguing will finally convince the masses and you will convert the majority to “your way?”  I don’t suppose this is how we find peace.

Vaccines – can we really keep up this argument?  Can we afford to argue about anything anymore?  I have tried to present both sides of this issue to the best of my ability, though I am likely transparent enough in my research to show my preference and personal belief on this issue.  More importantly, is the ability we all have to look past the issue here to the bigger one – one of peace, harmony and mutual respect.  I could turn this article into one of metaphysics where the argument of belief affecting reality comes into play -that whatever you believe will be true for you, because you believe it.  OR – we can all simply choose to get along with our differing beliefs because that is what makes us each unique and beautiful.  What will you choose?


Written by: Stasia Bliss


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