Joseph Gordon-Levitt from Third Rock to Don Jon

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Played Tommy on Third Rock from the Sun
Played Tommy on Third Rock from the Sun

Joseph Gordon-Levitt went from cutiepie kiddo on Third Rock from the Sun to his creative debut of Don Jon. Gordon-Levitt began his career in 1988, with popular series Family Ties, starring as youngster Dougie. From there his career has steadily climbed and truly exploded following his role as Blake on The Dark Knight Rises. Gordon-Levitt has gone from cutie to heartthrob as his acting skills mark his stellar path over the past 25 years.

A Little Bit of History

Gordon-Levitt is five months shy of turning 33-years-old; he was born in 1981 and at the age of four he found his passion in acting. The darling tot participated in local theater presentations and continued to want more. While he played a smaller role of Dougie on Family Ties, Gordon-Levitt carved a role as Tommy Solomon on the six-season popular show, Third Rock from the Sun. John Lithgow portrayed his ornery, martian father and Jane Curtain, the older military style sister.

Third Rock was a prime-time hit and thrust Gordon-Levitt into the spotlight. He grew up on the show, becoming a fan favorite. Towards the series end, Gordon-Levitt ventured to New York to expand his studies in arts and foreign languages. Ever ambitious Gordon-Levitt took leave from Columbia University to enter the field of acting once more. He starred in many independent flicks such as 500 Days of Summer and tore logic into the dream wormhole with Leonardo Dicaprio in Inception. 

The Opportunity Rises

Gordon-Levitt’s super star moment occurred when he was selected by Christopher Nolan to star as Blake in The Dark Night Rises. Rumors suggest it could be Gordon-Levitt who will star in a future adaption as Robin, Batman’s main protege. After the massive blockbuster numbers of The Dark Night Rises, the acting net

As Blake in The Dark Night Rises
As Blake in The Dark Night Rises

expanded for Gordon-Levitt. He is an understated yet heady presence on screen; with his acting prowess and sexy boy-next-store look, he has dominated lead roles. He was selected by Steven Spielberg as Robert Lincoln in the late 2012 release of Lincoln. Now Gordon-Levitt is delving further into another passion; creating, writing and directing.

Creative Triple Delivery with Don Jon

Gordon-Levitt has never minced words about his passion to move behind the camera. He sat down with Entertainment Weekly and expressed his love for making things, a passion he “always” had. Gordon-Levitt states since his childhood years, his love has immersed in the “creative process” and he side-stepped naysayers. He admits freely of his own “selfish enjoyment” of creation. That selfish endeavor is seemingly far from it, as Gordon-Levitt is carving an impression in the industry with his debut of Don Jon. 

He is co-starring in his flick with the beautiful and talented Scarlett Johansson. Don Jon surrounds the life of Jon Martello who walks the eclectic life path of church, family and the unrealistic desires stemming from an over-consumption of porn. Johansson takes on the role of Barbara, who is wickedly outspoken and disgusted by the porn addiction from Jon. The couple connect and begin an intriguing dating dance that involves Facebook and conquering mountains of insecurities. The film has won huge favor during its review at the Sundance Festival.

Looking Ahead

Gordon-Levitt is leaving a mark on the industry. He delivered darling performances in his younger years. He began a slow domination in his 20’s and now he is conquering the camera to deliver a movie many are calling “genuine” and simply “stellar.” Gordon-Levitt begun as the long-haired cutie on Third Rock from the Sun but is walking a path of success leading to Don Jon and beyond. The young and aspiring director has shared he has no plans to slow his momentum and looks to expand his directional opportunities. Don Jon premiers September 27 in select theaters around the country and hits overseas big screens in October.

As Jon in Don Jon, a comedy filled with inspiration, honesty and porn.
As Jon in Don Jon, a comedy filled with inspiration, honesty and porn.


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