Justin Bieber’s Sweet 16 Surprise and Gold Chain Theft

 Justin Bieber Gold rings, sweet 16 and attack

It has been a spectacularly busy and surprising week for Justin Bieber. The young Canadian singer has had a great deal to contend with, after encountering a violent attack at a night club, which was no fault of Justin’s, and the subsequent theft of a particularly expensive gold chain. This incident did not deter the “Heartbreaker” singer, however, who then went on to offer the gift of song to a love-struck young girl, on her sweet 16.

Night Club Fever

During the early hours of the morning, Justin was out and about having fun at a night club in Toronto. In a bid to mingle with some of his clubbing fans, he then left the sanctuary of his VIP area. Amidst the throng of partiers, a depraved and uncivilized creature charged towards Bieber and launched a feral attack. With malicious intent, the unknown assailant grabbed Justin’s shirt and attempted to wrestle him to the ground.

Luckily, Bieber remained on his feet and was able to defend off his attacker, using a volley of kicks, before security came to the rescue. The rather sizable bruisers took down the assailant with aplomb, and managed to restrain him.

The aggressive troublemaker was then forcibly ejected from the club. However, the group decided not to take any further action, and police officers were not called to the scene.

Return Drive

Justin, no doubt dazed after his experience, then departed the building and made a beeline for home. Unfortunately, the singing sensation was stopped by police officers in his white Ferrari for failing to adhere to a routine stop sign.

Bieber did not have a valid driver’s license for California, a fact that the police officers were made acutely aware of. Justin had moved to the state back in June, when he had changed houses. Alas, he had neglected to acquire a legitimate driver’s license, within the required ten day period, since his move, a mandatory law, to which all Californian residents must adhere.

The officers cited Bieber for failing to halt at a stop sign, and for not presenting a valid driver’s license. However, Justin cooperated fully with the officers investigations and was then free to make his way back home, as a passenger in his vehicle.

$40,000 Gold Chain Disappears

Sadly, Bieber fans will be displeased to hear that the news gets worse. During the ill-fated night club brawl, Justin lost an incredibly expensive piece of jewellery, estimated to be $40,000 in value.

Current reports seem to be conflicted at the moment. Some news outlets are claiming that the star was “robbed,” during the incident, whilst other members of the media infer the star merely lost the jewellery.

One of Bieber’s security team personnel enquired about the attacker, in an attempt to learn of his mysterious identity. However, security were unable to provide any additional information.

According to The Slanted, one of the members of Justin’s security crew alleges a male, wearing a red shirt, pilfered one of the musician’s “gold chains he was wearing.”

Sweet 16 Surprise Performance

Moving on to the light-hearted, however, it seems this spate of unfortunate happenstance had not deterred the singing idol, as he performed a surprise performance for a young girl, who had just turned 16.

Justin Bieber Performance to 16 Year Old
Justin performs a surprise sweet 16 song for a young girl, named Alex Shnaider, before slow dancing with the delighted fan.

As reported by CTV News, during a rather endearing moment, Justin took to the stage in front of the celebrating teenager, who was completely unaware of Justin Bieber’s generous intentions, as is evident from the following tweet:

Justin Bieber Tweet by Alex Shnaider surprise

The girl, who is called Alex Shnaider, left a barrage of tweets explaining her incredulity and awe at the singing spectacle. Apparently, Justin even slow-danced with Shnaider:

Justin Bieber Tweet - Alex Shnaider's disbelief

Justin Bieber Tweet - Alex Shnaider thanking Justin

As has already been reported by one of my colleagues, Michael Smith, these charitable acts just go to show how kind and generous Justin Bieber can be at heart. On Aug. 17, Bieber had broken the record for being the only record artist to have granted 200 wishes to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, aptly demonstrating Justin’s more compassionate side.

Justin’s latest, low-key performance and slow-dancing antics really supports this assertion. Yes, the star has had troubles in the past and made errors (just like any teen), but you don’t take the time and effort to make so many dreams come true if you’re a flat-out bad person.

Justin may have been plagued by night club attacks, gold chain thefts and car trouble, but at least it hasn’t dampened his spirits, or the spirits of those around him; there’s going to be one young girl who remembers her sweet 16 for the rest of her life.

By: James Fenner

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  1. ivan   September 3, 2013 at 9:00 am

    The fact he was paid ignores the fact other celebrities have done the same thing for a fee. The important thing is his charitable activities often ignored by the media. He’s a good but misunderstood person.

  2. Griffin   September 2, 2013 at 5:52 am

    Justin was paid to appear at the birthday party you idiot.

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