Kanye West Vs Jimmy Kimmel Who Played the Race Card

Kanye West Vs Jimmy Kimmel Who Played the Race Card

It did not take very long for someone to play the race card in the Kanye West vs Jimmy Kimmel Twitter feud. Although to be fair, with Kanye, anyone who does not fall to the floor and prostrate themselves at his feet fall into the enemy camp of racism.

It is bad enough that the 36 year-old rapper believes he has cornered the market in talent. Worse is the fact that he lacks the ability to laugh at himself. Jimmy Kimmel’s skit that West has decided to rage against is not offensive nor is it racist in nature. It is, however, spot on in mimicking the childish rants of the Yeezus singer.

Grown, and successful, men do not need to bleat and roar when someone uses humor to show their apparent shortcomings. Successful men have enough confidence in themselves that they can appreciate the humor. They also recognise the implied compliment that they are important enough to be the center of a joke. Especially a good natured one that was not in the least racist nor facetious. The Kimmel skit was not funny enough to be called glib or irreverent.

Amazingly, West launched an overtly crass obscenity filled campaign that personally attacked Kimmel as well as his friends. Kanye railed against Jimmy using words that would be more at home in the mouth of a foul tempered sailor. All because Kimmel aired a skit re-enacting Kanye’s BBC Radio One interview using children drinking milk shakes. Not an overly memorable skit, yet mildly funny.

Nothing to write home about, much less tweet about.

Unless you are Kanye West. His overreaction shows a man who, despite an ego the size of Texas, is not secure enough in himself to appreciate the humor or to have a little chuckle at himself. Was Jimmy Kimmel’s skit mean spirited? Was it meant to insult West? Or, as one periodical has termed the incident, racist?

Kanye West has almost built his career while waving the race card. His feud with Jimmy Kimmel is no different. It is sad to think that in this day and age there are people who give credence to such claims. That there are publications that back up this assertion is asinine.

One writer states that it is appalling that national television would air such a racist skit. The term “clutching at straws” springs immediately to mind. The children who played both Kanye West and Zane Lowe did nothing in the short comic skit that implied racism. There were no overt or subvert gestures present.

Even a comedic dullard could see that the whole point of the routine was to point out West’s almost childish rants. Well publicized overreactions that the rapper is almost as famous for as his music. The main issue of one publication is that the Kimmel skit trivializes the real West interview.

It is also pointed out that if you know more about the Twitter feud than the actual interview, then you should see it. The same publication points out that in his talk with BBC Radio One, Kanye talks about “representation and power.” He explains that there is something called “classism.”

According to West this has replaced racism. But, he then goes on to compare it to racism. Why? Because he declared himself a god and people did not like it. He opines that it could have been much worse. He could have claimed to be a “n*****” or a gangster. He goes back to his familiar song of “if you’re a slave, who claims to be a god,” people don’t like it.

West does not come right out and say that he thinks it has anything to do with race. There are more than enough publications who will do it for him. Never mind that West is not a slave and any relatives who might have been are long gone. But Kanye can be thankful that times have changed. When John Lennon claimed that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ in the 1960s it caused a much bigger backlash.

In the matter of Kanye West vs Jimmy Kimmel, the question of who played the race card, is moot. West has always worn his racial allegations on his sleeve. If anyone does not praise him to the heavens (pun intended) he claims it is because he is black. Never mind that regardless of what pigmentation his skin is, he is an egotistical and overconfident performer who believes he is too big to be nice to other folks. The world is trying to move on from the ignorance of racism. But with West’s and certain publications’ help, it garners more attention than it should.


By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


2 Responses to "Kanye West Vs Jimmy Kimmel Who Played the Race Card"

  1. rock   September 29, 2013 at 2:14 am

    KW is an idiot who forgets how fortunate he is.

  2. bzb   September 28, 2013 at 4:44 pm

    I truly believe Kanye West is a dangerous man.


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