Louisiana Pastor Executed By Gunman

Crime scene


Foxnews.com is reporting a Louisiana pastor was executed in front of his congregation by a lone gunman. Pastor Ronald J. Harris Sr was shot in front of a congregation of 60 people.  The gunman, 53 year old Woodrow Karey, has turned himself in to the police.

At this point the motive for the shooting is unclear, but is by no means the first assassination of a minister in the last few years.  Kansas physician and abortion provider, George Tiller, was also shot and killed while in a church. Tiller was one of the few physicians in the country that was willing to provide late term abortions, which made him many enemies in the extremist pro-life movement.

Harris appears to have no such political affiliations though.  According to WBIR-TV, Karey has no criminal background.  The motive for the killing is unknown.


Written By David Arroyo


Tiller Killed

Pastor Shot

No criminal record

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