Kim Kardashian’s Post Baby Confidence

Kim's bodyAlmost four months since giving birth to daughter North, Kim Kardashian has eased back into the limelight showing off a naturally healthy body. Still sexy and voluptuous, this new mother has begun renewing a hope in women suffering with poor body image.  This post baby confidence is something most new mothers have difficulty finding in themselves, and with certain societal taboos about weight, it comes as no surprise Kim has become an icon for women everywhere.

Never skinny or gaunt, Kim has always been a buxom beauty, and though many in the tabloids have recently tried taking away her confidence, she has stepped up her game and held her head even higher.  Real women everywhere, myself included, have a much more realistic view of her, and in a society where a waif woman is the preferred, she gives us all a little hope.

Longtime fans of Kim have always seen her for the iconic-shaped elegance she possesses, but in this new chapter, both as a mother and a role-model, she gives us all something more. By staying spirited and remaining publicly available throughout each hit the tabloid gives her, and by showing up to events with a smile on her face, she tastefully teaches us how to feel comfortable in our own skin.

Kim Kardashian’s post baby confidence has allowed each of us to accept ourselves a little bit more. Those of us that do not live life so publicly can find solace in watching her continue to awe her fans, stay true to herself, and promote courage in those who fail to find it elsewhere. Learning to love yourself exactly as you are is something many women struggle with daily, and having someone so well-known to look up to, someone who doesn’t let a world filled with judgment dictate life, is a rarity these days. No matter how she became famous, or what brought her to this place of celebrity status, she represents a real woman in a real world, and for that, I thank her.


An op-ed written by: Amy Magness Whatley


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