Lamar Odom is the Amanda Bynes of the NBA


Lamar Odom quit drug rehab after just a day this past week. Khloe Kardashian, his celebrity wife, has reportedly said she can’t find him. His ex-crack dealer is naming names in the book he’s writing, and is planning to include Odom’s. The crack dealer cut Odom off, for his own safety. Odom allegedly was going through $800 worth of crack a day. Is he trying to be the Amanda Bynes of the NBA?

Khloe Kardashian, who is 29, reportedly, according to US Weekly, had no idea that the former NBA Laker Odom had even checked himself into the rebab clinic. Their marriage is on the rocks, and they have talked about divorce in the past. Khloe’s family has encouraged her to follow through with those plans. Where Odom is now seems to be a mystery to his wife.

According to a source who contacted US Weekly, Khloe “cut him off” more than a week ago. Odom is allegedly addicted to crack cocaine. Khloe has accused Odom of cheating on her. She tried to stage an intervention for him, but Odom refused to participate in it.

Odom, according to a report by TMZ, has had his drug habit for two years. Towards the end of May, Odom left the house he shares with Khloe. He moved into the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood at the conclusion of the NBA season.

Khloe Kardashian still is not wanting to face up to the severity of Odom’s addiction to crack nor to how his behavior is affecting their marriage, according to sources.

The US Weekly source said of Khloe:

She’s not fazed by these reports. She doesn’t believe it, she doesn’t think he went to rehab. Khloe is so exhausted by everything. She doesn’t know what’s going on.”

Then, last Friday, People magazine broke the story about Odom’s arrest on suspicion that he had been driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

Lamar Odom was taken into police custody at the time and to jail in Van Nuys, California. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, eventually he was released after paying a bail amount of $15,000.

Lamar Odom still has retained enough skills that he would be a benefit to almost any NBA team — if he stays sober. His crazy antics have come close to costing him his marriage as well as ending his basketball career, and possibly, his life.

Here are media reports that Odom has shared his apartment and drugs with quite a few strangers who’ve crashed there, the only thing apparent that they have in common being an addiction to drugs. Friends have gone there trying to, like Khloe, stage an intervention; but, Odom has sent them on their merry way.

Khloe Kardashian may have woken up somewhat to how Odom’s behavior is affecting his life and the reputation of the Kardashians. An inside source told People that after a big showdown where Khloe confronted Lamar, she told him he was “cut off” and “She said get out, go get help.”

Jeff Schwartz, Odom’s agent, has stated that he doesn’t have any plans of giving up his NBA career. However, if Lamar Odom keeps on putting drugs ahead of his marriage and his career, he might not be the one making the decision about playing for the NBA — Commissioner David Stern might. If Odom doesn’t want to be remembered as being the Amanda Bynes of the NBA, he needs to get his act together, quickly, or that is what future generations of basketball fans might think about him.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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  1. Its sad to see this happen to ANYONE no matter who you are,money doesn’t change the fact your a human being and fall short at times,he made a bad choice,doesn’t make him a thug or anyless of the next person,hopefully with love & support,God & his own will he will get his life back to where he should be!

  2. First of all we know Lamar Odom is not a thug,its wrong to label him that way,he’s a human being having a difficult time in struggling with an addiction,that doesn’t make him a thug,we all have times in our lives where we make poor choices but with love support,family,God & the will inside we get through it,I pray for him & his family!

  3. Its sad! Out of all the family members I really thought that they were going to make it! I wish them the best and i hope that she will stand by him to get him through this!

  4. Though Amanda might have mental health issues unrelated to her smoking chronic, it is still a drug, and it likely hasn’t helped her mental state very much, considering her erratic behavior that led to her being now under the care of a psychiatrist (or a team of them). Both took some sort of drugs (allegedly), and both acted/are acting somewhat crazy.

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