Miley Cyrus Twerk Free on X Factor

Miley Cyrus Twerk Free on X Factor

Miley Cyrus Twerk Free on X Factor

The X Factor’s producers have fallen all over themselves to get Miley Cyrus on the British ITV television talent show created by Simon Cowell. With her shocking live performance on the MTV VMA show, she’s big news right now and a sure thing in the ratings department. But they have told Miley it must be a twerk free performance on the program.

Jennifer Lopez gave a performance in an outfit that left little to the imagination on another live English talent program. Britain’s Got Talent, another Simon Cowell creation, featured Lopez along with a black body suit that showed a bit too much of her nether region. Complaints about the 43 year-old performer’s “lack of costume” flooded in after the performance.

X Factor bosses have had their own controversy over “provocative” performances in the past. In 2010 the live shows put on by Christina Aguilera and Rihanna created a storm of controversy. The producers of the show have attempted to tone down acts on the family show to keep television watchdogs off their back.

Producers of the show, despite their eagerness to get Miley Cyrus to guest perform on the show, have asked her to “keep it clean” and twerk free.

A source on the show’s production crew revealed that, apart from the producers concern that the 20 year-old singer will do something over the top, X Factor bosses never miss an “opportunity to exploit a situation.”

According to the source, the moment that the producers saw Miley’s number on the Video Music Awards, they jumped to set things in motion to get her on the show. But their excitement is being tempered by their concern that Miley may just get a little too risque for their Sunday night family time television time slot.

The X Factor insider spoke to The Sun newspaper and said that although the powers that be wanted Cyrus’ routine to be “edgy” they don’t want to have her do anything controversial.

They may have some difficulty getting Miley to go along with their PG rated requirements. She still doesn’t get why so many people are upset about her suggestive twerking on the VMA’s.

But Miley, 20, doesn’t see what all the fuss is about when it comes to her provocative routines. After her performance she protested about the accusation that she’d done something wrong. She asked the question, “How many times have we seen this play out in pop music?”

She implied that the MTV program was meant to be controversial. She pointed out that other’s have been caused a stir in the past. She said, “Madonna’s done it, Britney’s done it.” She went on to say that during any VMA routine, the audience looks for that over the top or shocking action and that these make the show special and entertaining.

While the X Factor producers may agree with Miley Cyrus in principle, they want her to be twerk free on their family friendly show. Even if it was the young star’s controversial performance that inspired them to invite her on the show. So listen up Miley, “X Factor don’t allow no twerking around here!”

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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