Legal Safe Opioid for Pain Relief

Opioid legal and safe for Pain relief
Opioids are perhaps the oldest drug known to man.  The opium poppy has been used for pain relief since before recorded history.  Most opioids are either illegal or restricted by prescriptions only because they have been found to be highly addictive.  However, there is a legal, safe opioid found extremely effective for pain relief that can be purchased over-the-counter.  The formal plant name for this substance is Papaver Somniferum, packaged as a tincture by the name of California Poppy.

The most used and common form of the opioid family is morphine.  I say family because so many substances have been formulated from the same chemical compound including heroin and other not as well known morphine-like substances.  The natural opioids are more commonly referred to as opiates, including California Poppy, a homeopathic form of opium.  This milder form of opium is boiled down enough during preparation so that no addictive properties remain, though the benefits including pain relief can still be found.

Many have tried simply drying the seeds of their garden poppy plants and making a tea in order to obtain pain-relieving benefits, and though this works, in this form addiction is still possible – and it is also illegal to process opium this way currently.  The homeopathic form of the poppy requires formulators to reduce the concoction time and again so that only a small percentage of the actual raw material remains, and in effect, it is just the essence of the plant you are receiving. Nevertheless, homeopathic remedies, though gentle in content, are potent in effect.

Other uses, besides pain relief, which can be received by using Papaver Somniferum, or the California Poppy, are for insomnia and narcolepsy, to ease constipation and for shock or injury- especially the emotional reaction to shock.  California poppy can help ease or relieve post-stroke paralysis, lessen Delirium Tremens as is often common during withdrawal from alcohol or other drugs, and this unique homeopathic remedy has also been found useful against black-outs.

Over time, opium in this gentle form can strengthen the nervous system and has been a time-honored remedy in Asia for thousands of years.  Poppy seeds have been known to increase the body’s resistance to illness and infection and can ease painful itching when ground and placed over an aggravating spot.

Opium in the form of this natural, legal and safe opioid is great for pain relief as well as recovery from what might be termed “extremes” in either direction.  This includes moods or injury recovery and intensity in sensations.  California Poppy as a homeopathic remedy is a mild yet potent option for those wishing to bring the body back into a state of equilibrium smoothly and easily without side effects or fear of addiction.  As a time-honored and adored plant, the opium poppy makes its place in your medicine cabinet as a natural option to medication and other chemical pain-relievers.  If you have never tried California Poppy before, visit your local health food store or look on-line for this simple tincture.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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