Jimmy Kimmel Second Video on Twerking Fire Girl Goes Viral Too (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel Second Video on Twerk Fire Girl Goes Viral Too

If you ever doubted the power that YouTube exerts over media you need only look at Jimmy Kimmel as proof positive that the viral video is mightier than the sword. His first “gag” video titled, Worst Twerk Fail EVER – Girl Catches Fire! got over nine million views in under a week. The hoax video was posted last Monday. This week, on his Monday show, Kimmel revealed that the whole thing was fake. And that video has gone viral too!

The 45 year-old entertainer who hosts the ABC Jimmy Kimmel Live show set up the fake girl on fire video without any fanfare. As he explained on his show, no media agencies were told of the gag and he used no other social media, like Twitter or Facebook, to publicize the video. Nevertheless, it went insanely viral in under a week.

The YouTube video of his “reveal” has taken off as well. The clip from his show, which was posted yesterday on September 9, has already received over four million views! So not only his first video has gone viral, but his second video on the “twerking fire girl” has gone viral too.

But Jimmy Kimmel is no stranger to high YouTube view counts. His channel on the website; titled Jimmy Kimmel Live, of course, has numerous videos that have shot into the millions. While his Handsome Mens Club skit pulled in well over six million views, for example, it is his “prank” videos that consistently hit high with viewers.

Kimmel has done videos that can best be described as practical jokes. His “Youtube Challenges” which include “telling your kids that you ate all the Halloween candy” and “I gave my children a terrible present [for Christmas]” both had over 42 and 27 million views respectively.

It does need to be mentioned that the Halloween candy trick was so popular that Kimmel did it again with the result of another, over, 27 million views. The man knows funny and uses it well. But there were those out there that just knew that twerking fire girl was fake.

The only folks that didn’t get it were the media people. In Kimmel’s reveal, that has gotten over four million views and rising remember, he shows a quick montage of news programs and shows that all think that the video is real.

Jimmy even threw out the fact that hundreds of stations carried the story of the young woman who’d set herself on fire by twerking upside down. There is even a clip of ABC’s The View with co-host Whoopi Goldberg saying that the woman in the video had a look of panic on her face.

The fact that his second video has gone viral shows that Jimmy Kimmel gets it. He understands the formulaic process that makes a video go off the charts in terms of views. The internet, which for this exercise can be known as YouTube, loves a good fail. Whether it is a man being hit by other men racing down a snowy mountain on inner tubes or a girl catching herself on fire while twerking; these are what people love to see on YouTube.

His “coming clean” about the twerking fire girl being fake in his second posted video has gone viral too. Jimmy Kimmel has worked it out and no doubt, like his Halloween and Christmas pranks, we’ll be seeing more of his “fake” viral videos. Just to add to Jimmy’s second video view count, we’ve included the “reveal” video below.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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