Apologies of a 12 Year Old Crime

Have you ever done something you regretted only to wish you could make amends, even years after the fact? We all have experienced the weight of something looming over us, haunting our daily mental states until we take action to set it right. This must have been the case for the robber of a convenient store who recently made an apology to the store owner, complete with pay back, on a crime that was 12 years old.

In Nashville, Tennessee at the InterAsian Market and Deli, the store owner Keosavanh Sayarath and his son Somboon Wu received quite a shock when the man who robbed them 12 years earlier showed up to pay back the money he had stolen and leave an apology note for what he had done. He admitted in his note to being a drug addict and hoped the owner could forgive him for his actions all those years ago. This is the note that was left with the suspicious Somboon Wu when two men approached him with an envelope for the ‘owner’ with no other words of explanation.



With this beautiful note the man left $400 in cash, more than he had stolen years before.  The family was so moved by the gesture and the apology that they immediately got onto Instagram and Twitter to post the following words:

 To the anonymous person we want to tell you all is forgiven and thank you for the note. We don’t care about the money. We are more inspired and touched by your act. We hope you find peace in life and prosperity. Best wishes!

Keosavanh Sayarath’s store had not been robbed previous to this incident, nor since.  He credits all being safe and well to the philosophy he has always had, and that is to stay calm and remember that money can always be replaced.  For Sayarath and his family and everyone who has been made aware of this touching event, new hope arises that apologies can always come back around, even when you least expect it.  This man had apparently gone through a lot of self-reflection in order to bring himself to the place where he was not only willing, but able to apologize and seek to make amends with those whom he had offended in the past.  We could all take a lesson from this man, who calls himself a drug addict.  It’s never to late to make things better.

Apologies, heart-felt gestures, admittance of love, perhaps the time is now to do that which you have been putting off for weeks, months or years.  If one man can set things right for himself and others for a 12 year old crime by writing a simple apology letter and replacing what he took, any one of us can take the steps needed to fill in the gaps we have left gaping in the past.  There is no ‘too late’ when it comes to bringing oneself and relationships into alignment.  You never know, you just might make someone’s day like this man did for Keosavanh and Somboon.  And who knows, you may even make the news!

Here’s the video as reported by ABC news:

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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