Vince Gill Angered by Westboro Baptist Church Protesters (Video)


In Kansas City, Missouri, country music star Vince Gill didn’t take too kindly to protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church who marched with picket signs outside the Kaufman Center for the Performing Arts where he performed a concert last Saturday night. Angrily, Gill confronted them and even called one of the protesters a “dipshit.” The video of what went down is at the end of this article.

Why were the Westboro Baptist Church protesters targeting him?

The Westboro Baptist Church members are known for their often controversial stances and interpretations of select Bible passages. They have staged protests often in the past, even at funerals, and are also known for their anti-gay viewpoints.

Vince Gill became the object of this particular protest because he had been previously married, then got a divorce, before he later married his second wife, Amy Grant, who he was wedded to in 2000.

At the beginning of the video a woman calls out to Vince and asks him: “Vince Gill, what in the world are you doing out here?” Gill responds to her, saying that he came because he wanted “to see what hate looked like.”

One of the other protesters then asks Gill why he is married to the wife of another man.

Vince answers her, saying: “I came out to see what hatred really looked like in the face.”

Then the protester attempts to point out Gill’s supposedly sinful ways, by saying to him:

Don’t you know that divorce plus remarriage equals adultery? Jesus Christ said that.”

Gill didn’t back down. He asked the protester:”Did he?”

Then, the country music signer stated: “You know what else he said? He said a lot of stuff about forgiveness, about grace. You guys don’t have any of that.”

The country music singer called the protesters, at one point, “f–kers,” and added that they were “lucky” that none of them had a sign to said anything bad about his wife.

The members of the Westboro Baptists Church consider a person who gets divorced and who then remarries to be an adulterer. If they believe that an individual or a group has committed a sin, the members of the church are quite vocal in their pointing said sin out to the entire world and judging the person or group as being sinful.

Gill told one of the picketers that he’d seen him on TV, and that’s when he called the man “a big dipshit.”

Vince, towards the end of the video, knowing that Fred Phelps founded the Westboro Baptist Church, and that Fred is often spotted together with his family, asks: “Are any of you guys Phelpses? Or are you guys, like, the C-team?”

One of the next events members of the Westboro Baptist Church will picket is Cory Monteith’s funeral.

Was Vince Gill right in the anger he displayed at the Westboro Baptist Church protesters? Please leave your opinions in the Comment area, after checking out the video of Gill and the protesters below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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