Top 5 Facts of the iPhone 5S Release

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The iPhone 5S and 5C were announced today for a future release date. In anxious anticipation, consumers are rushing to retailers banging down doors,demanding an immediate release of pre-orders. To keep the balance of understanding and processing procedure for carriers and Apple; be advised the carriers, their employees and Apple employees will not have additional information outside of what was announced today. Apple executives keep their cards close resulting in customers taking their aggravation out on the front line employees who know just as much as the average consumer regarding new releases. When reviewing the iPhone 5S release, keep the following top five facts in mind.

1. Try the Apple online store first

AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile will not have the iPhone 5S or 5C in pre-order status or information for at least a few days (possibly more). Apple is the manufacturer and calls the shots to determine what carriers get what models and what memory storage will be shared with their retail partners. The major carriers are not represented by executives but their employees. The employees expect calls to rise extensively, but save time and visit the Apple site for details, as the carriers are instructed to direct customers there for more information.

2. Coupons are not extended on new releases of iPhone

This is a must add to the top five facts of the iPhone 5S. Many customers want to be honored by their carrier upon the announcement of pre-orders (Apple’s pre-orders will start the 13th, no word from other carriers, but it is presumed they too will begin then). Carriers and Apple will not have coupons to offer on the iPhone 5S or 5C. The iPhone 5 was estimated to cost around $197 in materials, it is presumed the iPhone 5S has a slightly higher price tag. Carriers extend the 2-year agreement to reduce the pricing closer to this figure. There is the plan pricing, and it’s always recommended if a customer can afford the no contract pricing to certainly opt for that choice. A customer can then add a pre-paid plan or month to month which can save a greater amount of funds in the long run.

3. The iOS 7 is ready for download on September 18, avoid scammers

Many consumers, especially those not familiar with Apple and the Apple store may not realize how to download the newest OS. Any suggestions advising to trust a site outside of Apple should be ignored and reported, if possible. Scammers take advantage of new OS releases by fabricating their own version of a link, leading to viruses that can negatively impact the iPhone. Customers should heed this message and share with their children. Many students may feel if a classmate is trusted, a link they share can also be. Avoid compromising the integrity of the current OS and never download third party OS links.

4.  The iPhone  4 and 5 has been discontinued

This change may not hit carriers until later this week, but the iPhone 5 has been discontinued, many carriers are already showing the iPhone 4 gone from their inventories. Currently, only Apple is selling the iPhone 4S for $0.00 on a 2-year contract. They have removed the iPhone 5 completely from their site. No word has stemmed forth from wireless carrier sources if the major four players will adopt this path. They would be losing money, presumably the carriers will look to drastically reduce the price in the next few weeks to move the model out to depletion. It is a shame, the iPhone 5 was excellent, but honestly it is the 5C in a colorful, plastic case- consumers will save $100  purchasing the 5C over the 5. Hopefully, consumers had an opportunity to hit the resell markets prior to today to get their iPhone 5’s out of their hands.

5. iPhone 5S in black will not be available

iPhone 5S is packing a nice increasing punch to its predecessor. The most exciting is the 64-bit feature and the A7 chip. This impressive twosome will provide excessive performance bumps and faster graphics. The TouchID created with the sapphire crystal is snazzy and allows consumers to bypass login codes. A larger sensor will be on the phone and the camera specs will include slow motion capabilities. Customers will enjoy a selection of silver, gold and “space grey.” No official word as to why Apple canceled the black color, it was pretty sleek on the iPhone 5.

Apple made a giant splash during their keynote speech today, enthralling customers to dedication. Some moves were questionable, such as discontinuing the iPhone 5 and eliminating a color option. Other moves were cheered; the various colors for the 5C, new colors for the 5S, increased specs, bits and chips. The five facts as listed provide a great starter user guide over the next few days to assist customers.

iPhone 5C rainbow of colors
iPhone 5C rainbow of colors


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