Less Risky Blood Thinner Shows Promise

Daiichi Sankyo shows edoxaban to prevent new clots as well as current generic medicine as well as shows less bleeding in patients.

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Edoxaban shows to significantly reduce bleeding in patients who suffer from blood clots. Daiichi Sankyo, a Japanese pharmaceutical company, completed a study including 8,240 patients giving them a once a day edoxaban. The study concluded edoxaban to be a less risky blood thinner showing promise by accomplishing preventing new blood clots in patients just as well as the generic medication, warfarin.

There was less bleeding across a variety of subjects including patients with severe artery blockage in their lungs. The company is also amidst testing edoxaban on patients with atrial fibrillation, a disorder affecting the heart’s rhythm. They hope to be able to reduce the amount of clots found in patient’s hearts caused by the illness.  Should the drug be approved for both groups of blood clotting, Daiichi Sankyo is able to compete with other ruling pharmaceutical companies by offering a wider spectrum of patient care.

By: Jodi Phillips