Lindsay Lohan Huge Sideboob at Mom’s House

Lindsay Lohan Huge Sideboob at Mom's House

We all know that Lindsay Lohan loves her mother. She was so concerned about Dina Lohan’s suspicion of DUI arrest that when she rushed over to her mom’s house, she forgot to put on a bra. Photographers got a picture of a huge sideboob as Lindsay went into the house. From the look of all that droop, Lohan does not remember to put on her bra very often.

The 27 year-old The Canyons star has had wardrobe malfunctions before. She is just one more of a long list of celebrities who have been caught letting it all hang out. In this picture she literally does let almost all of her right boob hang out.

If she were wearing a shirt that had sides on it, the flashing of all that skin would not have occurred. But, then we are talking about Lindsay Lohan. She certainly showed all her assets in the Paul Schrader film that co-starred adult film actor/star James Deen. She may not feel too awkward showing off the entire side of her braless boob in public for free. Goodness knows, she only got $100 a day for showing both of them off in the film.

But it is not just her boob on show. Almost her entire right side can be viewed. Had the picture been any clearer, one could actually read the tattoo there.

Lindsay Lohan Boob Away

For those of you who might be looking at the tattoo instead of the side of Lindsay’s bare boob, the body ink reads: “Clear as a crystal, sharp as a knife I feel like I’m in the prime of my life.” It is, apparently from Billy Joel’s song, I Go to Extremes. An oddly apt quote, considering the circumstances of the sideboob appearance and her somewhat chaotic life style.

A lifestyle she obviously learned at mama’s knee. Lindsay’s dad, Michael, recently declared that his ex-wife Dina imbibed alcohol and cocaine daily. Her estranged dad made the accusation on the show The Test where he claimed he may have abused Dina but only “occasionally” whereas she abused herself with drugs and alcohol daily.

After Dina’s arrest, where she claimed that she had been injured, Lindsay and sister Ali rushed over to Dina’s house in a black Porsche. Hopefully they kept to the speed limit as they drove over. Dina was reportedly going over 77 miles-per-hour in a 55 mile-per-hour zone and her blood-alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit.

It was a bit unfair of the paparazzi to get a picture of Lindsay Lohan’s huge sideboob while going into her mom’s house. She was obviously upset and in a hurry when she came to her mother’s aid. It will be interesting to see if Lohan remembers all her underwear if she accompanies mom to the hearing at Nassau County First District Court on September 24. You can be sure the pap’s will be there camera’s at the ready. Just in case Lindsay makes another “boob.”

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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