Voting is a Waste of Time in America

america-votes.jpeg-1280x960Commentary by James Turnage

We are encouraged to vote every two years.  It’s a right nearly every citizen has.  The results of elections are supposed to support the needs and desires of the voting public.  But none of that happens; voting is a waste of time.

Once a politician is elected, he or she ignores promises made, and their loyalty changes from the American public to their political ambitions and to lobbyists.  The fatal error in the thinking of the voting public is that the opinion of the citizenry matters.  Elected officials do not vote according to the beliefs of their constituents, they vote for what constructively affects them.  They expect most voters to cast their ballots along party lines, frequently electing unqualified and immoral candidates.

There are many issues of great importance to the United States and the people who are the country.  How these issues are resolved separates government from those they serve.

A classic example is involvement in Syria.  The vast majority of the American people are opposed to any military interference.  But our president is lobbying Congress to do just that, get involved in another Middle-East conflict.

Other important issues that have caused a divide between the government and the American people remain unsettled.  Gay rights, immigration reform, and mandatory background checks for gun purchases are all important to everyday citizens.  Congress finds reasons to delay these issues because they do not affect or benefit them personally.

There is hope.  Many of the multi-term Congressmen and Senators are getting older, and will eventually die.  Younger men and women who are in touch with 21st century America give the country an opportunity to avoid the paths of countries in ancient history who self-destructed.

Term limits, the abolition of political parties, and the elimination of the Electoral College could also give hope to the disgruntled voters of America.  The unthinkable has already happened; our government’s approval rating is under 10 percent.

They don’t notice or don’t seem to care.  They continue to ignore their constituents and vote for themselves.

If our votes don’t count, (and it’s obvious they do not), why do we bother?  If a candidate is the answer to our future, why does he or she have to spend more money on a single election than most of those who vote for them could possibly make in two or three lifetimes?  The answer is all too simple.  The American government is run by graft.

If our Congressmen and Senators vote the way lobbyists tell them to, they become extremely wealthy.  The purpose of having a Republic as a form of government has failed miserably.  Our forefathers could not have seen that ‘professional politicians’ would become the rulers of the country.

Personally, I will never vote for a candidate from the Democratic or Republican Party again in my lifetime.  I will either vote for an independent, or not waste my time and stay home.

My vote should count.  I should count.  The sad fact is that it doesn’t and I don’t.

The two political parties have succeeded in dividing our nation.  Democrats hate Republicans, and Republicans hate Democrats.  This fits their plans perfectly.  The average voter blindly enters the voting booth aware that they will vote for any candidate who has a “D,” or an “R” next to his or her name.  They don’t vote for candidates, they vote for parties.  This is ignorant and self-destructive voting.

Voting is a waste of time; my time is more valuable than that of a political wannabe.


James Turnage



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  1. George Dendrinos   April 27, 2018 at 1:05 pm

    No matter whether young or old or what party, elections will always be corrupt and people will waste their time voting.


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