‘Masters of Sex’ Arouses Intrigue and Rave Reviews

Showtime finds a winner in newest show

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Move over True Blood, something raw and real is making a wet and delicious splash on Showtime. Enter Masters of Sex, a delightfully sinful series of sex and the grasping of its science ideology based in the 1950s. Outside of arousing intrigue, the show’s premiere drew rave reviews.

Imagine combining the allure of Mad Men with the sensual desire of modernized soap operas. Get ready to watch controlled masturbation sessions in a lab, sexual tension between stars and the study of sex. The show is absolutely a winner for anyone interested in well – sex and the 50’s. To get an idea of the hottest show on cable television, review a sneak peek from the show:

True Blood astounded audiences; seeing raw sex scenes stunned the conservative public. Include fangs and blood and millions shied away from the show, waving it off as nothing more than silly fantasy. Others, like this reporter enthralled in the raw level of passion, drama and intrigue. Mad Men captured its millions of dedicated viewers due to the allure and glamour of the 60’s. Now Masters of Sex premiers as a sexual IV drip of lust, intrigue and satisfied viewers.

The Sheen sexual magnetism enters from Michael Sheen who stars as the delicious Dr. William Masters, enter Lizzy Caplan as the dainty darling Virginia Johnson. These two stars represent the violate true life relationship of their named stars. Pioneers in the field of sexual study, the real Dr. Masters and wife Johnson captured the details of orgasms, lack off and their impact on society and women.

The series pilot opens with intrigue as Sheen is seen crouching to watch a paid prostitute offer her services to an unnamed man. Later he meets with the prostitute Betty DiMello, played by Annaleigh Ashford. In enters the reveal that women fake orgasms, a concept that stuns the handsome doctor as he tries to formulate reason behind this newest development, leading to a sexual revolution.

Sheen shared with E! the show enhanced a greater understanding of knowing the difficulty between the sexes will only continue. Caplan shared she loves the script and feels responsible for handling the role with the utmost professional degree, especially in light of the recent passing of the real Virginia Johnson.

The story of Dr. William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson is an intriguing one. The couple pioneered and revolutionized understanding and treatments of sexual disorders and sexual responses in humans.  The couple co-wrote two best sellers on their studies called, Human Sexual Response and Human Sexual Inadequacy. 

The Masters of Sex - Showtime meets real life.
The Masters of Sex – Showtime meets real life.

Johnson was hired by Masters when he was still married. Sex entered more than just within study results, it lead to the two researchers connecting physically leading to Masters’ divorce and eventual nuptials with Johnson. For years the couple studied and worked on their Human Sexual Response Cycle which comprises of four stages; the excitement phase, plateau phase, orgasm and resolution phase. Many may feel a sense of familiarity if they followed the sexual studies of Sigmund Freud.

The couple were long reveled and long criticized from specialists in their field. They remain a highly cited couple on the cycle of human sexual response and carved a path of awareness in the field of sexual dysfunction. Masters died from complications stemming from Parkinson’s disease in 2001. Wife, Johnson died this summer from complications stemming from illness. Their work now turns into the remarkable replay of network television.

Masters of Sex is a wonderful look back into a decade where sexual discussions were considered taboo. The show will continue to host a spot on Showtime every Sunday. This can fill the gap for True Blood viewers who are waiting for next summer to arrive and watch the final season of their favorite vamps. It can also ease the disappointing pain for viewers who said goodbye to Breaking Bad. Masters of Sex brings promise, intrigue, sexual exploration and so far, rave reviews. Will you be tuning in next Sunday?

Will you be tuning in Sundays?
Will you be tuning in Sundays?

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