Miley Cyrus a Naked Expression of the Divine Feminine

Miley Cyrus a Naked Expression of the Divine Feminine

Miley Cyrus has been in the news a lot, but I am not sure it is with good reason. She is 20, naked, sexual, emotional, and an expression of the Divine Feminine.

People seem to forget that she is a young woman coming into her own as well as a huge artist. Being famous does not make growing up any easier, in fact, it makes it much harder. Look at every childhood actor that has ever been produced, there are, sadly, very few well adjusted stories (Lindsey Lohan anyone?).

Yet, far from being jaded and messed up, Miley seems to be brilliant and open. She is a fantastic singer and knows all to well how to get the media to focus on her when she wants it, like now, right before releasing a new album. It seems much more calculated than simply being shocking for shocking’s sake.


The VMA Performance

What was so shocking of Miley’s VMA performance really? Her skimpy out fit, her sexual movements, her tongue flicking, or the fact that she is young?

Perhaps the problem is the blending of imagery. Here you have a teen icon, Hannah Montana, with dancing teddy bears and all, crashing together with a young woman in all her sexual nature, in skimpy clothes dancing with an older man. Most people seem to be really uncomfortable thinking about 16, 17, 18 year old young women as sexual beings.

Her performance was intentionally shocking, but it was not inherently wrong. What seems to make people uncomfortable was this beautiful young 20 year old enjoying her sexuality. Was it a little excessive, maybe, but who is to judge an artist’s work?

It is not like she has done anything new, look at every pop star of the 80’s and 90’s. Madonna was the queen of shock value and went much further than Miley has with the sexual behavior. Then again, Madonna was older than 20 and maybe that is everyone’s sticking point. Can’t think of “daddy’s little girl” as a sexual being.

I find it simply amazing how our Puritanical upbringing in this country still wants to denounce sex and our sexual nature. What is the problem with feminine sexuality really?


The Music Video

Let’s continue with her video for her single ‘Wrecking Ball.’ The surface is easy, “Oh my, look at that young naked girl singing.”

It is art, expression, and the song is about heartache and breakup. Nudity has always been, and will likely always be, an expression of being truly vulnerable. No cloths, no armor, no protection, just a fragile human being being themselves.

Look at the lyrics:

I came in like a wrecking ball

I never hit so hard in love

All I wanted was to break your walls

All you ever did was wreck me

Yeah, you, you wreck me

As she herself points out in an interview with Elvis Duran from Z100, “if people get past the point I make, and you actually look at me, you can tell I look more broken than even the song sounds.”

It seems that what is getting people riled up is not the nudity, or the twerking, or the VMA show (I mean, let’s not forget all the ways Madonna was worse, remember the video for ‘Like a Preyer’), it is the fact that she is expressing her feminine energy.


Feminine Energy

Our culture and society is still adjusting, swinging away from an overtly masculine dominated dynamic to a more balanced one. There is still inequality between the sexes in just about every arena and feminine energy is still being scrutinized.

My favorite expression, to paraphrase author and teacher David Deida, has to do with the basic difference between masculine and feminine energy.

Feminine energy seeks union with the Divine through complete and total surrender, where as masculine energy seeks union with the Divine through complete and total liberation.

These are radically different approaches to expression and life. Here we find Miley Cyrus being a rather unfiltered expression of the Divine Feminine.

Women are sex (and there are some studies that show that without estrogen in the body there is no sex drive for either gender), they are life itself, they are emotion, they are radiance, they are creation, movement, intuitive, and deeply sensitive to the unfolding moment. Miley is a young woman coming to understand her sexuality, her vulnerability, her femininity, and what is true for her expression. Who are we to try and denounce it, vilify it, and condemn it?

We are all human. We all have a sexual nature. It is a fundamental aspect of the human experience. What makes it okay for a man to express his sexuality and sexual desire and wrong for a woman? What makes modesty such a great thing?

I understand being responsible with one’s sexual energies and consciously engaging in these deeply intimate ways of connecting, but this is art and an artist. Miley is intentionally using the imagery, the actions, to get your attention and to express herself. Dancing is incredibly different from throwing yourself at someone sexually and the nudity in her new video isn’t flaunting, but suggesting. That makes all the difference between gratuitous and artistic.



She is not some sex crazy nymphomaniac trying to grab attention because she is damaged. She is a fairly typical young woman, struggling to understand and accept her sexual nature, her desires, as well as her emotional way of being. Miley Cyrus is being pretty genuine, albeit with some exaggeration at the VMAs, perhaps, but genuine none the less.Miley Cyrus a Naked Expression of the Divine Feminine

What has she done so wrong to have everyone tear her down? The answer seems to be that we are still uncomfortable with young female sexuality and emotion. What else could it be?

She is a brilliant young woman who has literally grown up in the business and her actions seem much more calculated than callous. Funny how she is getting all this press just before her new record release, what was she doing before this? Fame is a game and selling music is part of it, maybe people are mad because she is playing it so well.

It still seems to me that Miley Cyrus is being fairly authentic and genuine, an expression of the Divine Feminine. In all its dirty, sexy, emotional, shocking glory, which is such a great expression of life.



Written by: Iam Bloom

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2 Responses to "Miley Cyrus a Naked Expression of the Divine Feminine"

  1. ericathewonderErica   September 14, 2013 at 10:55 pm

    You argue the Divine Feminine with a girl who is married, and should know that to enjoy her sexuality does not mean she has to display it for others to see. When did dancing around with teddy bears in a provocative way looking like a watered down version of a REAL sexual icon, who personified the Divine Feminine even greater than this girl (I.e. Marilyn Monroe, if you actually care to do your history), become a means of enjoying your sexuality? When did appropriating a dance and disrespectfully representing a race of people become an acceptable way of showing her sexuality?

    Being lewd and indecent is something to celebrate?

    Yes, Miley Cyrus was a Disney kid, but so was Anne Hathaway, and after tastefully showing her naked breasts in Brokeback Mountain managed to solidify herself as a legitimate adult talent; not staring in two bit softcore porn. If this is what the Divine Feminine now means then please give me a time machine to go back a place where this was not acceptable.

    • Iam Bloom   September 15, 2013 at 9:57 am

      There is no concrete proof that Miley Cyrus is married, nor do I think that automatically restricts her expression of self. There should not be different standards of behavior or expression because a woman is single or not.

      I would argue, as well, that the Divine Feminine thrives on the acknowledgement of others. So, dancing around for all to see does not somehow make that expression ‘wrong.’ The Divine Feminine cannot exist without witness or acknowledgement.

      You say that Marilyn Monroe was some kind of shinning symbol of the Divine Feminine? While I am not arguing the point, I think you should really look at the person she was and the life she lived. Do not fall victim to thinking of the ‘good ‘ol days.’ Romanticizing the past is no excuse or reason to persecute those now living.

      I am not sure what you mean by “disrespectfully representing a race of people,” what is the context of that comment?

      Lastly, you cannot compare two different expressions and hold them up as one being ‘right’ and one being ‘wrong.’ You are the one making a value judgement on what Miley has done, you are the one judging her to be ‘lewd’ and ‘indecent.’ Both of those things are extremely subjective, there is no objective standard from which to measure.

      My point was that one should not be so quick to judge an artist or a young woman for the ways she chooses to express herself.

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