Miley Cyrus Teaching Justin Bieber Naked Together?

Miley Cyrus Teaching Justin Bieber Naked Together?

While Rolling Stone’s October issue may feature Miley Cyrus on their cover sans clothes, Justin Bieber is continuing to be taught by his new mentor. That’s right. Miley Cyrus is teaching Justin Bieber as his own personal Yoda. So does that mean that the two of them will be posing naked together in the near future?

Hopefully not. We’ve seen enough of Miley’s skin to last a lifetime. Although at the rate that she is “inking-up” the next time she poses “au naturel” we’ll probably see less skin and more tat. AFter posing in the all-together for the rock and roll magazine, the 20 year-old pop star went on to give them an interview. Which, in a way, was just as revealing as her cover shot.

Miley makes it clear in the magazine that she is the one in charge of her destiny. She may be a bit of a control freak where her career is concerned. But that control has enabled her to be the most talked about and written about songster in the business right now. She has said that she wants to pass on her wisdom to fellow pop star Justin Bieber.

Rolling Stone’s October issue reveals that Miley has been bending Justin’s 19 year-old ear. Miley wants to show Bieber how to make that successful transition from pop moppet to pop magnet. She points out that she’s been in the business for a “long time” and that she has made the transition already. She feels that Justin has stalled out in his move forward.

Miley believes in Justin 100 percent. She said that he is immensely talented. He can play guitar, sing, play the drums and she doesn’t want him to turn into “Vanilla Ice.” Does that mean that Cyrus is teaching Bieber to swing naked on a giant ball, together with her?

Probably not.

Justin already has his own negative publicity and doesn’t need any help in that department. Although both he and Miley are in the top five list of the most charitable stars right now. He and Cyrus give an enormous amount of money and time to charities, but that is often lost in the glare of the negative or controversial acts that keep them in the public’s eye.

But while Miley helps Bieber to make that final step towards becoming an “grown-up” entertainer, she does not want him to feel that she is mentoring him. Even though that is what she has confessed to doing. She has given his some good advice. Such as don’t come in without a shirt on, and not to start sh*t. Although it does seem to be a case of “do as I say” versus “do as I do.”

For a performer who wears the tiniest shorts invented and who shows almost as much skin in public as your average Playboy model, Justin could be forgiven for thinking “pot, kettle, black.”

But Miley Cyrus has explained that Justin Bieber is behind her naturally. She says that she’s teaching him lessons that she has learned to help him. Citing the maturity level differences between the male and female of the species, she says that in his head, Justin is about 12 years-old. Which seems to indicate that we will not see the both of them naked together on a giant ball. But joint nudity aside, the two have been twerking together with fellow artist Lil Twist. Is Miley teaching Justin to “get his twerk on” as part of his transition? Time will tell.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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