Mother Nature’s Most Potent Multivitamin

Mother Nature's Multi vitamin

Imagine someone working  eight hours per day, day after day, week after week, for an entire month to gather what is necessary to supply just one small teaspoon of vital nutrients equal to the best mult-vitamin in the world.  This is exactly what the honey bee does to make bee pollen, considered by some to be Mother Nature’s most potent multi-vitamin.

Containing 40% protein by volume, over half of which is in free form amino acids, bee pollen offers protein which is readily and easily absorbed by humans.  Bee pollen is the best plant source of protein available and a better, richer source of protein than any animal product due to its high amino acid content – trumping beef, eggs and cheese by weight.    Also present in perfect quantities are a myriad of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin B complex, folic acid, essential fatty acids and naturally occurring hormones.  Those who have done the research agree that bee pollen is not only Mother Nature’s stupendous multi-vitamin, but an astounding healer, nutritive tonic, energy booster and protecting antioxidant.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, bee pollen is known to increase longevity, strengthen endurance and help one recover from illness especially of a chronic nature.  When it comes to the undernourished worldwide, bee pollen could offer great relief by replenishing a depleted system.  Especially when you look at how little a person needs in order to greatly benefit from this amazing food, bee pollen could be the answer to the hunger problems of the world.

The amazing thing about bee pollen is it cannot be synthesized in a laboratory, though scientists have tried.  When giving synthetic bee pollen to bees, in replacement for their bee-made pollen, the bees died – even though all the same nutrients were supposedly present.  It seems there is something else in bee pollen, a magical element which cannot be created in a laboratory, making the pollen work.

Besides being an amazing super-food multi-vitamin, bee pollen works miracles on numerous health issues.  Bee pollen has anti-inflammatory elements which help with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.  Inflammation due to histamine response can also be relieved.  Allergies of all sorts can find relief with the use of pollen as can asthma, sinus issues and other respiratory problems.  When using pollen for allergies, it is recommended to find local pollen as it contains constituents from local flowers and trees that might be affecting the sufferer.

Bee pollen contains an amazing array of enzymes which assist the digestive system in running well.  The immune system is greatly enhanced by the addition of bee pollen into the diet as these glorious golden granules are rich in natural antibiotics and full of antioxidants.

Couples who struggle with fertility issues might be happily surprised to hear how bee pollen restores ovarian function helping to correct some of the problems associated with infertility.  Bee pollen is also an aphrodisiac and a perfect hormone regulator, all great contributions to a healthy conception.

As probably one of the highest sources of rutin available, bee pollen has been found to support capillaries and blood vessels contributing to a healthy heart and a reduction in hemorrhoids.  Bee pollen can help lower negative cholesterol and help prevent strokes with its powerful anti-clotting properties.

Those suffering with anemia can benefit from the use of bee pollen as well.  In a study with lab animals, bee pollen was found to increase the supply of both white and red blood cells and anemic patients given bee pollen had their hemoglobin raise considerably.  Studies have also revealed the ability of bee pollen to stop cancer growth and inhibit its development.

For weight loss or weight gain, bee pollen is unparalleled as it regulates the metabolism and corrects any chemical imbalances which may be contributing to weight issues. Bee pollen naturally contains Phenylalanine, an important amino acid assisting the body in reducing the appetite and controlling cravings.  Diet supplements often contain a synthetic version of phenylalanine called phenylpropanolamine which can make one feel jittery or cause unnecessary addictions.

Mother Nature has created a most potent and amazing muti-vitamin and super-food through the amazing honey bee. When taking bee pollen it is advised to start with just a granule or two in order to test ones response to this potent product.  Gradually build up the intake of pollen and reap the benefits of one of nature’s finest gifts.  Bee pollen dosages are different for everyone.  One teaspoon up to several cups per day can be used for good health, energy and longevity.  Say thank you to the bees and enjoy some pollen today!

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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3 Responses to "Mother Nature’s Most Potent Multivitamin"

  1. mike drucker   October 24, 2013 at 12:10 pm

    Bee pollee bee pollen a magic treat.Hard to make but great to eat!

  2. Carlota P. Leung   September 25, 2013 at 11:49 am

    But I thought the bees are dying in hordes because of pesticides!

    • Jeny   October 16, 2013 at 10:40 am

      Because of pesticides, because of parasidic flies (google that one, not a death I would enjoy), because of colony collapse. I don’t see your point, but I do see bee pollen as yet another reason we should be protecting our honey bees at all costs.


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