Nothing but Facts

Did you know that it was a Bavarian emigrant named Thomas Nast, who created the Democratic donkey and the Republican elephant

Facts, facts, facts


In this post the author narrates not so well known facts about the rich and famous.

Tell me how many of you know the name of the old man depicted on every Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet all over the world. Let me guess, one to a thousand. Well let me tell you. This is the face of the founder of this world famous franchise. He started this business at the old age of sixty five and now here it comes, his name is Harland Sanders.

You must be aware of a friend of his and the co-founder of the Kentucky Fried Chicken, no. His name, fellas, was Dave Thomas, who left his friends venture and founded Wendy’s.

And talking of businessmen and inventors, do you know, who invented the ‘waffle sole’, readers it was no other than Bill Bowerman, the founder of the famous brand, Nike. And George Washington, not the president guys and gals, but a German man invented instant coffee in 1909,that nowadays is on display in all shopping centers and other departmental stores.

Men have a habit, albeit, a bad one of keeping mistresses. Sigmund Freud, the father of psycho-analysis, also had one , her name was Minna Barneys, and she was no other than his sister-in-law.

We are all great fans of Elvis Presley__ the King, but not many among are aware of the fact that he used to wear a toilet paper under  his tight fitting pants while performing on stage, why, in order to augment the size of his penis. And you think, Miley Cyrus is weird!

This one is easy. All of us know the name of the man who wrote the national anthem. No, shame on you all, how in heavens name did you graduate high school. His name is Francis Scott Key, and he was the second cousin of Scott Fitzgerald, yep, the famous novelist.

What a great experience it would have been to land on the moon, but do you know the fact that, Neil Armstrong, forgot his space boots on the moon. Some one from NASA please retrieve them, that is, if they have not perished by now, as they would be worth a fortune down here.

Alexander Hamilton, was rumored to be the illegitimate son of George Washington. It is also recorded by his biographers that his escort was  a British spy, and as men will always be men, in addition he had an affair with Kate Perry, his washer woman’s young, and of course, beautiful daughter. This is what is referred to as having the best of both the worlds, nay, than perhaps icing on the cake.

We all known who uncle Sam is but what about uncle Jumbo. President Grover Cleveland, the only man to serve this country in two non-consecutive terms, was affectionately called uncle Jumbo.

President John F. Kennedy, once said to the British Prime Minister Harold Macmillian that he gets severe headaches if he doesn’t have a woman for more than three days. And we were about to impeach President Clinton. He by the way earned the nick name ‘slick willie’ for his extraordinary talent to dodge the sexual episode that shocked and rocked his administration.

These are some of the facts that the author has uncovered in his readings and carefully recorded to use some day, in a blog or a post and today, is the day for them to be printed. Do let me know if you like these facts because I have plenty of others.


Written By: Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada






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  1. Milton Ruiz   September 24, 2013 at 1:32 am

    You want a trivia challenge? answer this without googling it, what branch of the armed forces was Colonel Sanders commissioned in?

  2. Milton Ruiz   September 24, 2013 at 1:10 am

    Ok, so you hate America,and you think Americans are all stupid. Get over it! You couldn’t publish your random rants if it were not because of the freedom of the press here.


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