Republican Party and Democratic Party Both Equal a Failing Country


It should no longer remain mysterious why this country now, and basically as far back as an iPhone can take you, can be defined as a failure.  The Republican Party and Democratic Party, in tandem, have stripped away the most important facet of a progressively successful civilization:  Individual citizens do not possess independent freedom or a definitive voice guiding the legislation of this country whatsoever.

Every decision is made along party lines, not because it could benefit a singular voter, but because it could potentially further an individual’s political career or possibly increase the financial scope of their portfolio.  Never once has an elected official in the United States of America, rising through the rank and file to arrive in Washington D.C., came by bettering the individual lives of others.  They keep their mouth shut when it could hurt them and opened it when it could help them; it is as simple as that.

Electing someone that a majority of people believe is going to stroll into Capitol Hill and fight tooth and nail for their rights, is not only naive on the part of the general public, it is laughably malevolent on the politician’s end.  To think the perils of this country keep them up at night is ludicrous and sad, because unless their career or private life is in danger of being altered in a negative fashion, they could truly care less.

Politics and religion are two of the greatest tricks performed on American society, and the value of the trick rises every single day.  This ascent is not to do to politicians getting craftier or developing new tricks either, it is a result of people being devoid of intelligence to the point of not only ignoring the truth, but defending the wrongdoing with each and every ounce of their being.

It is currently trendy to dislike current President Barrack Obama and it is mainly the Democrats that voted for him in the last election that recently jumped on this bandwagon.  Yet, the Republicans were full steam ahead on this trend since 2008 and have not let up.  That is precisely what allowed the Tea Party to efficiently gain so such momentum in its early stages.  The sad thing truly is that in 2013 with such a vast wealth of information at each and every citizen’s fingertips it should be easier to disseminate truth from fiction and altruism from greed, but it isn’t.

To take that even further, people now fight for ignorance when realization is merely a button click away.  Party lines are all any thriving politician is ever going to follow, not what someone asks for and certainly not what a hard working individual needs.  The Republican Party fights consistently for the right to bear arms, yet how many children of Republican parents have been struck with stray bullets in the projects?  It doesn’t even matter if they choose to carry a weapon themselves as long as it gets votes and support.

It is a mirage just like the Democrat support of welfare, because activists within the Democrat party are not the one’s abusing the system.  It is surprising that the argument to require voter registration in order to apply with welfare has never been discussed heavily in the public forum.  The exploitation of various government subsidized programs takes place by the least educated and least socially active citizens in this country and people still wonder why the United States is a laughing stock on a global scale.


Written by Michael Blain

Twitter: @michaelblain

4 Responses to "Republican Party and Democratic Party Both Equal a Failing Country"

  1. Sakhal Nakhash   September 23, 2013 at 12:15 pm

    This has been the case since the first humans lived together in a village. Someone had to dominate and control the others. Most people seem to have the herd mentality, so they will simply follow those stronger than themselves, and think what they are told to think. I also take exception to the anti gun insertion the author apparently couldn’t resist. I would point out that if we the people disarm ourselves, we will be completely at the mercy of these same corrupt politicians, and hope they don’t betray that trust. I will also point out that our beloved and godly founding fathers were all wealthy men looking out for their own best interest, they just dressed it up as something more appealing called democracy. It was totally different than the previous systems. In this system we had wealthy men deciding what was best for everyone. It did not take long for our glorious founding fathers to make sure they were not deposed in another revolution. I suppose after outing the old rulers they didn’t want the same happening to them. Hence the Alien and Sedition acts of 1798. Anyone saying they want power for the benefit of others is a shameless liar, delusional, or both.

  2. maxdragonardax   September 22, 2013 at 2:43 pm

    “The Republican Party fights consistently for the right to bear arms, yet how many children of Republican parents have been struck with stray bullets in the projects?”

    Neither Republican nor Democrat here but the Founding Fathers, who were also of neither party, understood that the right to bear arms is the right of the people to protect themselves from a totalitarian government. Does the author actually believe that making guns illegal will keep criminals from getting them? Chicago has very tough gun laws…hmmm?

    Outside of that one statement, I’m in agreement. The individuals in our government no longer represent “the People” of our nation.

  3. David Merrill   September 22, 2013 at 2:39 pm

    There are currently not enough parents nor children whom value education enough to replace the party system with an educated popular majority vote. We will stay with voting districts that benefit only the elected representative in office.

  4. mentalitynow   September 21, 2013 at 9:00 pm

    This article is on point. Education of the people is sorely needed. The education I speak of is not mathematics or English. Purely Bill of Rights and Constitution. We will never protect our rights if we have no clue what thy are.


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