The Mindy Project Season 2 Premiers with Guest Star James Franco

The Mindy Project Season 2 Premiers with Guest Star James Franco

Fans of the hot new show, The Mindy Project, were excited tonight as season 2 kicked off with a bang.  Airing back to back with Zooey Deschanel’s successful hit show, New Girl, is Mindy Kaling’s brainchild about a Manhattan gynecologist looking for love.  As it is often with rising comedic stars like Kaling, hilarity ensues.  Season 2 promises to ramp up the comedy with James Franco guest starring in a multi-episode arc as a rival gynecologist.

The show’s premier season, initially off to a slow start, eventually drew audiences of up to 3.68 – 4.67 million viewers per episode.  It is refreshing for women comedians to finally have their moments in the spotlight, and Kaling’s raw talent helps to carry the show to new, witty heights.

We left off with Mindy on her way to volunteer in Haiti for a year with Casey, her minister boyfriend of 3 months, played by the incredibly talented Anders Holm of Workaholics.  It was Casey’s decision to volunteer, and Mindy, a city girl at heart, wasn’t sure she wanted to follow him.  At first.  But in a classic romantic comedy move, she takes a leap of faith and joins the minister in Haiti, complicating the emotions of her co-worker, Danny Castellano, as portrayed by the sexy Chris Messina.  Something tells me that there’s more drama to be had with the hunky co-worker who was last seen moving back in with his ex-wife.

With all the crazy relationships we’ve seen Mindy go through in season 1, viewers can expect even more shenanigans as Mindy navigates her way around all these handsome, available men.  I mean, you don’t bring on James Franco to guest star in the season 2 premier without a little action, right?  And who could forget Mark Duplass as Brendan, the coolly nonchalant midwife rival from upstairs, or Josh (played by Tommy Dewey) the cheating drug addict Mindy just can’t seem to shake.  And what about Seth Rogen’s guest starring role as Sam, the seemingly perfect man, a Jewish soldier with a sense of humor to melt any woman’s heart?  Then there’s that moment between Mindy and Danny when he leans in to wipe her glasses and it looks like they might kiss…just before Mindy reveals that she and Casey are back together.

Spoiler Warning!  Don’t read if you haven’t seen the season 2 premier.

Season 2 opens with a classic voiceover as Mindy relates her experiences in Haiti.  She actually seems pretty happy, cozying up to Casey watching the bug zapper every night.  We see the goings on of other characters while she’s away as well.  No surprise, Danny is having trouble in his paradise, living with the ex-wife who cheated on him.  Apparently, he doesn’t want to do the deed with her anymore.  Who can blame him?  Of special note is how many post cards Danny and Mindy have been exchanging.  Romance is definitely on the horizon for those two, despite the reverend boyfriend.  Speaking of reverend hottie, we are treated to a great moment between him and Mindy as he proposes to her during a Haitian sunrise!  So romantic…right until Mindy passes out and needs to be flown to New York for emergency gall bladder surgery.  Danny’s reaction to learning Mindy is in the hospital and then to her engagement makes the whole summer of waiting worthwhile.  It will take time for these two lovebirds to get together, but fans of the show will be more than willing to wait as Mindy gets herself into and out of trouble along the way.

James Franco is Paul Leotard, a new doctor, beloved by all, who takes over Mindy’s office.  His sexy smile and confident, quirky air has quickly won over the hearts of Mindy’s coworkers.  Danny even seems to like him.  The premier episode only gives us enough to be introduced to this kooky new character, but one gets the sense that he’ll be around for a while.  Can’t wait to see what James Franco does as he guest stars in the coming weeks after the season 2 premier.  The Mindy Project is a must watch this fall!

Written By: Danyelle C. Overbo

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