The Murder of Zafar Baloch

A prominent leader of the presently defunct Lyari Amn (Peace) Committee Zafar Baloch was murdered today along with his guard, Ghani Baloch. His confidants Husnain Baloch and Usman Baloch, riding the other motor bike were also injured in this incident.

Zafar Baloch’s motor bike came under attack at Bizenjo Ch0wk, Karachi, as four motor bikes with gunmen carrying automatic weapons opened indiscriminate fire on Zafar Baloch and his friends. He had miraculously survived two previous attempts to murder him.

But today no such luck as Zafar Baloch died on the spot while, Mohammad Ali died on the way as he was being rushed to the hospital.

Zafar Baloch joined the Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) in 2008 but soon resigned his basic membership of the party because of his alleged differences with the party’s legislators. However, he remained an active member of the Lyari Amn Committee to the very end.

Lyari is one of the oldest localities of Karachi and one of the poorest, as well. It is virtually being run by weapon, drug and land (grabbing) mafias.

These gangs by mutual accord have divided the city into different zones, in order not to interfere with each other’s criminal activities. But there are times when these boundaries get blurred, resulting in bloody gang wars.

These gang wars disrupt the peace of the city and bring to halt the day to day affairs of the common people. Children don’t go to schools, the shop keepers don’t open shops, public and private transport don’t ply on the roads paralyzing the city of Karachi.

It has now become a norm rather than an exception that the different mafias controlling this commercial hub of Pakistan challenge the writ of the state on a daily basis.

This cyclic wave of violence is causing the treasury monetary loss running into billions. No day passes by when there is a case of target killing in the city, resulting in shutting down of all commercial activities.

It appears as though the government, including the rangers and the police are helpless bystanders at the hands of these law breakers.

Zafar Baloch, is in common knowledge was in cahoots with these different gangs running their respective zones of Karachi. Many cases were registered against him. These mainly include cases of murder. He was involved with the help of the different gangsters in kidnapping, kidnapping for ransom and extortion, as well.

The Chief Minister of Sindh Syed Qasim Ali Shah has condemned this targeted murder of Zafar Baloch. At the same time he appealed to the party workers to remain calm.  A local legislator from Lyari, Javed Nagori termed the murder of Zafar Baloch a dastardly act aimed to disrupt the peace in Karachi.

To counter the threat of protests by the supporters of   Zafar Baloch on his murder, the police have cordoned off the Red Zone in Karachi. Heavy contingents of the rangers and the police have been deployed through out the entire city, especially at the roads leading to the chief minister and the governor house, to handle any critical situation that might arise.

Written By: Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada

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