iPhone 5S Release and iPhone Trade-ins for Cash

Top 5 places to sell your iPhone

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The announcement of the iPhone 5S and 5C is due to arrive September 10 and the device release September 20. In anticipation of the upcoming date- customers want to know about trade-ins, especially selling their current iPhone in advance to have more money for the new iPhone release. There are great outlets to turn to in order to sell your iPhone from models iPhone 2G to iPhone 5.

1. From cracked screens to mint condition, Next Worth is the top dog in the race to sell your phones. The site is easily customized- you simply select your model, confirm the condition and away you go. Does your iPhone 4S power on and has a intact screen? $197 is your offer.

2. Have an iPhone 5 in good condition from AT&T or unlocked? You can earn a whopping $305 in cash from Gazelle. The website allows users to review their models and carrier to determine the cash out to you.

3. Have an iPhone 4 Sprint phone in okay condition? Hello Totem will be willing to pay you $45 for the phone. If your Verizon iPhone 4S 32GB is in perfect shape, the resale digital market will pay you $180 for your phone.

4. Some cash is better than no cash for some! Elegreen will be willing to review your iPhone 3GS in good condition for $12. While not much, some outlets will not offer any funds for it. Elegreen also has a notice on their site advising the resale value will be decreased upon the iPhone 5S/5C release. Which means to one needs to get moving!

5. Are you one of those rare customers who has the original iPhone 2G 8GB? Even uSell is offering you a $1 buyout on the phone. If you have an iPhone 5 64GB in good condition from T-Mobile, you can enjoy a $210 cash offer. uSell is more unique as they provide a list of resellers for your selection.

Apple has been completely silent on the release of the next iPhone generation. In stark comparison, many outlets and techies have dropped teases on the frame and specs. The iPhone 5C is stated to have a varying amount of colors and will be a mid-range device compared to the powerhouse iPhone 5S.

The iPhone 5S is listed to have: a quad-core CPU, 2GB of RAM, IGZO display, 12-megapixel rear facing camera, dual LED flash with varying device colors, outside of the normal black and white. The iPhone 5S is slated to arrive in gold and graphite as well, appealing to the eye. The most exciting features for the iPhone5S is the fingerprint sensor and iOS 7.

As the day quickly approaches of the announcement, many smartphone holders, especially current iPhone holders, want a way to turn their devices in for cash. The places listed above are some of the best outlets to receive the best payouts. Those same markets also review other devices. It seems that AT&T devices are purchased at higher rates, and T-Mobile phones pay out less.

Prior to passing your phone to one of your children or a relative for free, consider one of the outlets listed above for the best bang for your buck. Of course, there is always eBay, Amazon and Craiglist, as well, for selling your phone. In addition, many companies like AT&T, Best Buy, and, especially, Apple are opening the doors to join the top 5 places to sell your iPhone.

By Angelina Bouc
Updated!  iPhone 5S and 5C Releases and Replaces iPhone 5

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