5 Points to Consider Before Choosing a Site for Freelancing


In the last few years, the scope of internet has significantly increased. It has not only provided numerous benefits to business organizations, but also people looking for freelance projects. There are various freelance opportunities and marketplaces that can easily bring sellers and buyers together. However, it is important to choose a freelancing website according to your needs and requirements.

There are certain things you need to consider while choosing a freelancing website. You need to look at certain criteria to make a good choice. Here is a basic guide to help you out.

Fair Wages – When you are working as a freelancer, it is important to earn fair wages for all your effort and time. However, it is also important to understand that the actual working part is only one part of this equation. You need to monitor a lot of things other than just the time you need to spend doing actual work.

Time Spent on Search and Networking – First of all, you need to consider the time you will take to search for jobs. This can be a major portion of your time spent on freelancing. You also need to consider the time taken to network. This is extremely important for all freelancers. It does not matter if you are networking offline or online. You need to make sure it does not take a lot of time to network. This requires you to follow up with all old customers, looking through various jobs with referrals and so on.

One of the most important aspects of choosing a freelancing website is the time you will take to look for jobs. You need a freelancing site which offers a good number of jobs and provides a realistic chance to interact with sellers and land some jobs.

Needless to say, these jobs should be paying well.
When you take everything into account, it will be clear that you don’t need to look for the so-called ‘best’ or ‘biggest’ freelancing site. In fact, some of the most popular freelancing sites offer a huge number of freelancing jobs, but tend to pay a lot less for them. As a result, it becomes a major problem for freelancers to choose a good website. They are not clear how they can ensure that a site would be worth their time and effort.

You need to understand that when you have a lot of freelancers, you need to participate in a race to the bottom to get some worthy assignments. Moreover, employers tend to realize this trend and therefore, offer much less. Eventually, quality freelancers leave such freelancing websites. In some time, employers complain about not being able to find good talent and they leave the website too.

When you are looking for a freelancing website, you should understand that it can be a significant investment of your energy and time. Thus, the cost of shifting midway can be a lot. Most freelancing websites work on the ‘feedback’ system. Thus, you need to choose the best site in one go. Once you have considered this aspect, there are three other things you should look for in a freelancing site.

Quality of Jobs – This is way more important than quantity. You need to choose a site which offers freelancing jobs at fair wages. If you find wages to be too low, you will have to dig through a lot of postings to find a decently acceptable job. Otherwise, you can simply move on.

Quantity of Jobs – This is also very important to consider when you are choosing a site for freelancing. It is even more important if you are just starting out. If there are more jobs, you will have more options to choose from. Thus, there will be a higher probability of finding appropriate jobs as per your skillsets.

Ratio between Jobs and Freelancers – If you are a new freelancer, it is very important to check the ratio between jobs and freelancers. If there are numerous freelancers competing for the same jobs, you may not have much luck. Employers will hire the ones who are more established.

When you consider all the points mentioned above, you will be in a better position to make an informed and educated choice. You should always look for grievances and reviews that other freelancers have posted about the website.

By: Dinkar Kamat

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  2. jess cloud   November 2, 2013 at 5:36 pm

    very interesting points.. Its helpful to consider the following when looking for a site.
    I know i had a tough time when i first started out cause there were sites competing for the same thing. Great sites can be found if you look like 5spot and amazon

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