iPhone 5S Gold and Kim Kardashian: Top 3 Common Characteristics

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When technology is connected to a Kardashian it begs for a list of comparisons! This article is in jest, while all characteristics may not be agreeable, it hopefully will illicit a smile or laugh. Employees for Apple called the iPhone 5S Gold the Kardashian phone and that alone created laughter for many who could think of a  few reasons why. The bootylicious selfie queen had taken to Twitter this past December thanking @boygenius for sending her an iPhone 5 touched in Gold. This could have started the rumor, but nevertheless it is worthy of receiving a list: the top 3 common characteristics between the iPhone 5S Gold and Kim K!

iPhone 5 in gold from Twitter fan to Kim K in Dec. 2012
iPhone 5 in gold from Twitter fan to Kim K in Dec. 2012


No. 1 – The Cover Looks Pretty but May be Fake

For years the beauty has fought critics against rumors her rounded derriere was anything but fake!  Last Wednesday the mom of North West posted a picture to Twitter which showed off her impressive goods. In addition, her hair had been lightened to a gold and that created a stir on feeds everywhere! Many people called the buttocks as fake as Kim’s hair and others thought she looked amazing. Baby daddy Kanye put the pedal to the metal to get up close and personal with Kim.

Selfie time! Golden 'do, pouting bottom - fake or not?
Selfie time! Golden ‘do, pouting bottom – fake or not?

The iPhone 5S has a common characteristic. It is a pretty phone – shiny, smooth looking and unfortunately the gold is fake, something Kim may understand. This can relay to her hair color or behind, the judgment of decision is up to the reader! This leads to the number two item on this top 3 list of common characteristics…

No. 2 – Overpriced with a Similar Concept

When the iPhone 5S was released, it did come equipped with the M7, 64-bit chip and fingerprint sensor. It also had more color variations and while the lines at Apple stores remained busy, many pondered on what the big deal truly was. Sure, the iPhone 5S Gold is the phone to have, but is it really worth the $10,000 someone paid on e-Bay?

Kim stole Paris Hilton’s spotlight, that much is obvious in celebrity news. Kim has titles like fashion designer, model, actress and television personality behind her name but many still shake their heads. Kim released a song a couple of years ago and luckily no more, similar to Paris Hilton. What is eye-popping is the asking price for Kim to speak at events or just to appear – a starting fee of $50,000 and up. It goes without saying, this is a leading common trait of for the iPhone 5S and Kim.

$10K for the iphone 5S Gold..really?
$10K for the iPhone 5S Gold..really?

No. 3 – iPhone 5S Gold Understands Infidelity

Last month, Kim was seeing holding the iPhone 5S…in Space Gray! A feeling of infidelity both Kim and the iPhone 5S can understand. Instead of holding out or even selecting the Gold, Kim opted for the commonly sold Space Gray. It further looks bad to the iPhone 5S Gold as Kim accepted a gift from a Twitter follower of the iPhone 5 in anodized gold last December.

Kim too, understands the sense of infidelity when it comes to new things. After just 72 days of marriage, it was suggested Kris Humphries cheated on Kim. During a taping of Kourtney & Kim Take New York, Scott Disick warned Humphries to get rid of any evidence of cheating while Kim was away with her sister. A feeling of infidelity the iPhone 5S Gold can now attest to from none other than the bodacious Kim.
Kim on video showing off the iPhone 5S a week before its release…in Space Gray!



Love it or hate it, the rumors of employees calling the iPhone 5S the Kardashian phone turned out to be true.  Overpriced, not worthy of praise or considered fake – all of these rumors have struck an accordance of similarities between the iPhone 5S Gold and Kim Kardashian. It is reported Kim has reverted back to the black iPhone 5. It seems the iPhone 5S Gold will never get its chance with its dream owner.


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