91-0 Texas High School Football Game Was Not Bullying

Aledo High may have won their game 91-0, but calling the blowout victory bullying is not a fair comparison.
Aledo High may have won their game 91-0, but calling the blowout victory bullying is not a fair comparison.

A parent on the losing end of a 91-0 high school football game in Texas has accused the victorious coach of bullying his kid’s team. The idea that bullying can occur on a football field is ridiculous, especially given the tactics used by the coach in question.

Coach Tim Buchanan followed the unwritten protocol for a team that is winning a game via blowout. His starters played only 21 snaps in the game on top of using a run-heavy game plan. On top of that, he allowed the clock to run nonstop when his team had the football in the second half in an effort to stop the bleeding.

Yet formal accusations of bullying have still been filed as a result of Aledo High School’s victory.

Aledo High is currently the top ranked team in all of Texas 4A high school football, and has won every single game by a margin of at least 41 games.

An interview with the Star-Telegram of Fort Worth following the victory furthers the case that this was not bullying. Buchanan’s comments seemed closer to remorse than joy from the victory. “I’m upset about it,” he said. “I don’t like it. I sit there the whole third and fourth quarter and try to think how I can keep us from scoring.”

“It wasn’t good for anybody,” Buchanan further explained of his team’s victory over  Western Hills. “I’ve sat and gone over and over and over it on what we could have done differently. The score could have very easily been 150 to nothing.”

Upset parents are a part of youth sports, and given the disgusting margin of victory it is not a surprise that parents were upset. That being said, even the Western Hills coach disagrees with the accusation of bullying.

Comparing the actions of a sports team to the serious epidemic of bullying in our schools today is not something we should be doing. Bullying is something that can have drastic, lasting consequences on its victims.

Many children who are bullied never fully recover from the actions of their aggressors. They also in no way volunteer to be a part of the bullying. Participants in high school football on the other hand choose to dedicate countless hours to their craft.

The players on both the winning and losing team chose to be there, and the players gave it their all. Win or lose you are taught to leave it all on the field, which certainly both teams did on that Friday night.

We see blowouts every weekend in all levels of sport, and although ugly, most players and coaches do everything in their power to avoid embarrassing the opposition.

The 91-0 victory was ugly, but the coach of Aledo High said the right things and took the proper steps to avoid embarrassing his opponent. Despite the game getting out of hand, this was not the same bullying as we unfortunately see so often in schools throughout the nation.

Charlie Gille

Senior Sports Editor

The Guardian Express

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