The Voice The Battles, Part 4 October 22 (Review & Videos)

The Voice Battles Part 4

On The Voice, tonight marks the last of the head-to-head battle rounds. Only one coach, Cee Lo, has a steal left in this one-hour episode of The Voice. There will still be plenty of exciting battles, though — and, the first duo is one I’ve been waiting to see for a awhile.

Jonny Grey vs. Shawn Smith will be the first battle of the night! Jonny and Shawn are both war veterans. Shawn lost 80 percent of his hearing in one ear when a bomb went off.

Miguel, Team Cee Lo’s adviser, said when he met the duo:  “It looks like we have a classic Air Force/Army battle here.”

The song that Cee Lo chose for the talented veterans is Refugee by Tom Petty.

“I wanted Jonny to sing it with more angst,” Cee Lo says.

Miguel added: “It’s really gonna rock hard.”

I saw some commercials when these two sang, and they were excellent. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this battle for a few weeks now. They are both great singers, though, so it will be sad to see either one of them get sent home. Speaking of commercials, it’s time for the first batch of the night — ugh!

Afterwards, back on The Voice, Carson introduces the duo to the packed audience waiting to hear them.

Jonny starts off the song — he’s great — Shawn joins in very strongly, with a bit of guttural rasp to his voice. They are really both bringin’ it tonight, rockin’ the song out. It’s impressive; even Cee Lo claps along with their singing.

Adam: “I believed everything that you both sang. that was a wonderful performance.” He said he’d go with Jonny.

Blake: “Neither one of you held anything back. I thought ‘Big Sexy’ was great.”

Christina: “My biggest regret was not pushing for you, Jonny. And you have the girls buggin. I vote for you, Jonny.”

Cee Lo: “There’s something frenetic about both of you. I would not want to lose either one of you.” But, when Carson asks him who the winner of the battle is, Cee Lo picks Jonny.

Jonny: “It’s going to be hard saying goodbye to Shawn. We’ll be lifelong friends.”

The second battle of the night will  be after more commercials.

The next pair up is Team Adam’s duo of Barry Black and Preston Pohl. They are two rockin’ singers, also, with very soulful voices. They’ll sing I Wish It Would Rain by The Temptations.

Adam: “Preston somehow convinces you with his voice that’s he’s a famous soul singer.” Barry Black will really have to step it up, but he’s got a great falsetto that might help his chances of winning.

They both are improving noticeably the day before the performance. Ryan tells them to “both stick to the script.”

Ryan says that when he hears the duo perform, Adam will be thinking about who people will most want to buy tickets to go and see, or buy the album of the most of the two.

Carson introduces Barry first, then Preston Pohl, to the audience. “The battle starts right now,” he says.

Preston begins the song; he’s got a soulful, raspy voice that’s pretty cool. Then, Barry joins him, and his voice is a great counterpoint to Preston’s, a bit higher, sometimes lilting, ranging high up into the falsetto territory.

The get a standing ovation from the audience. Barry did the fluglehorn with his mouth again –he really pulled it off.

Christina: “It was a definite Preston win.”

Cee Lo called Preston a true soul  singer, and gave the win to Preston.

Adam said Preston’s singing made him think of Otis Redding. He says that the winner of the battle is Preston.

Barry is up to  be stolen; but, Cee Lo says he wants to save his steal.

Next, there was a series of battles, but we only got to see them in an abbreviated form, just a few bits of their performances. The results went by pretty quickly.

Team Blake’s Holly Henry battled  Cilla Chan are up, singing Torn. Blake says the winner of the battle is Holly.

Team Blake also had  Brandon Chase and  Emily Randolph, sing Tiny Dancer. He said the winner is Brandon.

Next, Team Cee Lo’s duo of Tamara Chauniece vs. Keaira LaShae sang Big Girls Don’t Cry. Cee Lo said that the winner is Tamara.

For Team Christina, Olivia Henken and Stephanie Anne Johnson are the last duo of the night to perform. We get to see them meet Ed Sheeran, and Stephanie says “I’m flabbergasted.” Done is  the song which Christina picks for them.

Stephanie says the song’s fine by her, also. Christina asks them “How would you guys feel about raising the key a little bit?”

They do fantastic the day before the audition. It’ll  be interesting to see which one of them pull the song off. But, Stephanie still doesn’t yet know all of the words of the song, so who knows how they will do? It’s Cee Lo’s last chance to steal, also — Cee Lo will steal one of them, for sure, to use up his final steal.

Olivia starts off the song, and sings really well; Stephanie has a very powerful voice, too, and when the two voices come together, they manage to harmonize really great, as well.

They get the audience screaming out, and they seem to be really getting into the performance.

Cee Lo said “I gotta give it to Stephanie!”

Adam: “Exciting! I loved it! It’s awesome!” He gives the win to Stephanie.

Blake: “I could tell when Stephanie fell out of the pocket, because I know the song so well.” He gives the win to Olivia.

Christina hesitates, saying “The winner of this battle is–” and, of course, the show cuts to commercials.

Christina finally chooses Olivia as the winner of the battle!  She says: “I really thought that Olivia owned the song.”

Cee Lo steals Stephanie Ann Johnson, as expected! She will be the latest member of Team Cee Lo!

Carson says that the fight has just begun — next on The Voice, will be the Knockout Rounds. Blake says the singers will be able to showcase their voices and ultimately let the coaches know which sort of singer he/she will be.

Then, there will be another round of battles, and each coach will get one more chance to steal someone who a coach declares the loser of the battle.

It looks like there will be a lot more awesome singing and  great competitions ahead on The Voice! Please join with me to watch the next episode, and then be sure to read my recap/review of it afterwards, and check out the videos to  let you see the contestants perform once again.


Written by: Douglas Cobb