Golf Channel’s Chamblee Apologizes for Calling Tiger Woods a Cheater

The analyst that called Tiger Woods a cheater and gave him an F grade for his report card has apologized for his comments.
The analyst that called Tiger Woods a cheater and gave him an F grade for his report card has apologized for his comments.

Brandel Chamblee of the Golf Channel apologized for comments made on an article in which he insinuated that Tiger Woods was cheater. The comments were made as a part of his 14 part series in which he rated players on a report card type scale.

Despite winning five tournaments this year, Tiger Woods received an F on the grading scale from Chamblee.

Chamblee has since apologized for implying that Tiger is a cheater when it comes to the game of golf. He took to his Twitter to make his apology public.

“Golf is a gentleman’s game and I’m not proud of this debate. I want to apologize to Tiger for this incited discourse,” the post read.

Far from the first time the cheating of Tiger Woods has made the news for being a cheater, this is however the rare time that the cheating in question has happened on a golf course.

In the post in question, Chamblee made the following remarks on Tiger Woods and cheating.

“When I was in the fourth grade, I cheated on a math test and when I got the paper back it had ‘100’ written at the top and just below the grade, was this quote, ‘Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!’ It was an oft-quoted line from the epic poem ‘Marmion’ by Sir Walter Scott, and my teacher’s message was clear,” Chamblee wrote. “Written once more beneath that quote was my grade of ‘100,’ but this time with a line drawn through it and beneath that an F. I never did ask my teacher how she knew I cheated and I certainly didn’t protest the grade. I knew I had done the wrong thing and my teacher the right, but I never forgot the way I felt when I read that quote.”

“I remember when we only talked about Tiger’s golf. I miss those days. He won five times and contended in majors and won the Vardon Trophy and … how shall we say this … was a little cavalier with the rules.”

A 51 year old former PGA Tour professional, Chamblee furthered his apology by acknowledging his analogy took things too far. “My intention was to note Tiger’s rules infractions this year, but comparing that to cheating in grade school went too far,” he said.

Mark Steinberg of Excel Sports Management, the agency that works with Tiger Woods, was enraged by the comments. Steinberg accused Chamblee of making ludicrous comments about Tiger Woods as part of a desperate attempt to gain some attention for himself.

The Golf Channel has not commented on the story.

Charlie Gille

Senior Sports Editor

The Guardian Express

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